Hi Everyone!

My name is Heather and I grew up on Long Island, NY (hence my affinity for spray tanning).

I went to college in Boston and met JP (that explains the New England beard).

Just so happens that he grew up on Long Island too!

After 6 years of dating we got engaged!

Then came the big wedding.

More importantly, the honeymoon.

We decided to make Boston our home after college while JP attended grad school.

In November 2010 we introduced a new member to our family.

Her name is Remy and she became our pride and joy.

We called Boston our home for 12 amazing years and truly believe it will always feel like “home” for us.

JP finished up his PhD and defended his thesis in August, 2012!


And a week later we were on our way to our new home in Atlanta where JP would do his postdoctoral research at Emory.  I also managed to land a great job (not as a mover)!

IMG_0879 IMG_0908

It wasn’t very long before we received news that our family of 3 would soon become a family of 4!

June 2013 010


So we did what any normal couple living in an affordable area of the country would do…we bought a house!

ry=400And on December 10, 2013, 9 days past my due date, we welcomed Allston Richard Canner!

IMG_3032I can’t explain just how much we love him and how lucky we are to have this perfect boy in our lives.

The road to getting pregnant was a big bumpy but totally worth it!

Allston AnnouncementI hope you enjoy my blog! 🙂




4 Responses to About

  1. Hey Heather! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Welcome to Atlanta! If you ever need anything- recommendations on restaurants, places to go, things to do, etc. let me know! Glad to have you down south. PS I love that snuggie picture of y’all! And your wedding dress was beautiful. And your pup is so cute!!

    • pspring55 says:

      Thanks so much Carol! We are really enjoying Atlanta so far and it hasn’t been too much of a shock to us as “Northerners.” I’m always open to suggestions on fun things to do in the area, especially restaurants and outdoorsy type activities.

      I can’t wait to read up more on your blog!!

  2. Hey girl! Tried to respond to your comment but no email address attached… congrats on baby! YAY!

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