Allston’s Four Month Update – A Day In The Life

Happy 4 Months Allston!

Allston 4 Months 1

Look how different you looked at 2 months!

Allston Two Months 2

4 months with your puppy.

Allston 4 Months 3

And here you are at 1 month with your puppy!

Allston One Month

You keep getting cuter and cuter!

Allston 4 Months 2

What better way to document what Allston is up to at 4 months then with a “day in the life” post. This month has been full of major developments and changes! Here is what a typical day looks like when I’m working from home. I’m very fortunate to be able to do so 2 days a week!

2:30am Are you really up? Allston has been sleeping through the night quite often now thanks to resorting back to the rock n’ play (not good) and upping his bottle at night. But he still will get up in the middle of the night to nurse occasionally. Typically he goes back down easily. Tonight…not so much. I bounced him until 3:15 and then JP took over until 3:45. Finally, he was back down. Not cool Allston, not cool.

5am Alarm goes off. F***!

5:15am Snooze alarms go off and Remy is whimpering for us to get up. JP takes Remy out and I reluctantly get dressed to do my Insanity workout.

6:10am Done with workout and feeling awesome!! Thank you Shaun T for forcing me to “dig deep.” #worthit

6:30am As soon as I step out of the shower and come downstairs to enjoy my coffee and breakfast JP tells me that the lil devil is up. Allston, you stinker. But how can I be mad when he’s this cute?!

IMG_4267 IMG_4270 IMG_4269

Remy always comes upstairs with me to greet Allston in the morning. It’s the sweetest thing ever and melts my heart.

Time to change and nurse Allston.


7:00am Downstairs for breakfast while A chills out in his boppy lounger, giving me just enough time to eat. JP also entertains him while I eat.


He grows tired of lying down so it’s time for bouncer fun!

IMG_4280 IMG_4282

The bouncer is a new development this month. I personally thought he was too small to play in it but daycare had him playing in theirs and he seems to love it. Score 1 for daycare (and I don’t say that often).

7:30am Put Allston down for nap #1 of the day. He’s still napping a lot throughout the day and not yet consolidating them. I bounce him for about 10 minutes and then he’s down!


7:45am Work, work, work while he naps!!!

8:30am He’s up and much happier than when he went down. But then again, aren’t we all happier after a nap?

8:45am Bottle time. For some reason it takes him forever to finish. But eventually he does.


9:15am Play time! Allston loves his bouncer, tummy time, toys, etc. But he also gets sick of them quickly. So we move from one to the other once his patience wears out.

IMG_4338 IMG_4312 IMG_4314

9:45/10am He’s ready for another nap. The little man is cranky and rubbing his eyes which are red flags for me to get him down before he goes ape shit.

10am Work work work

10:45am I see Allston squirming on the monitor. Remy and I head upstairs to grab the lil guy. I change him and nurse him and he’s as happy as can be.  Also we enjoy some cuddle time for me and little man!


11:15am The sun is shining so I decide to take the kiddies out on a walk around the neighborhood. Since Allston is already in his car seat I figure we’ll head straight to Target to run our errand for the day after the walk.

12:00pm I get an email from a candidate that can’t wait and before I know it I’m knee deep in work and can’t fathom running an errand.

12-12:30pm Somehow juggle entertaining Allston while sending out emails and making several calls to set up interviews. I love how yesterday at work while I was in the office was dead slow and today while I’m home it’s crazy busy. But busy is good so I can’t complain. Allston’s new thing is screeching at the top of his lungs when he’s not getting attention. Yeah, it makes for some interesting calls.

12:30pm Time to put Allston down so mama can eat some lunch.

12:35pm Allston goes down like a champ!!

12:40 Allston is up…WTF?!?!


12:45pm Allston is back down again after some bouncing. I continue making lunch for today and tomorrow to bring to work with me, scarf down lunch while working, and try to do some dinner prep for tonight.

1:30pm Allston wakes up from nap so Remy and I head back upstairs to change and feed him. We find him grabbing his feet (another new thing this month which is adorable).

IMG_4320 IMG_4321

2pm Finally run over to Target to return something and grab some necessities (and not necessities). Damn you Target (throwing my fist up in the air).


And damn you Starbucks for hiding out inside Target like the little devil you are. Way too tempting to pass up!

3pm We get back home and Allston goes down for his last mini nap of the day. He probably could’ve used another one too, but that’s besides the point. I hammer out a ton of work since today has been the craziest day I’ve had in a while. I literally have not had so much as 5 minutes to relax.

3:30/4pm Allston is back up…change/feed…you know the drill.

4pm Time to crazy multi-tast. Feed Remy, get dinner started, do work, entertain Allston who has started screeching by this point. It becomes a blur.

5:30pm The sweetest sound in the world…the sound of my husband telling me that he’s heading home. Normally JP doesn’t leave work until 6/6:30 so this was a pleasant surprise. Especially since Allston is beyond cranky and has non-stopped screeched/fussed from 5-6pm

6:10pm (not that I was paying attention) Remy does her little dance which means daddy is home!!! Thank F***ing god!  We may or may not have been waiting at the window.


6:10-6:45pm Finish up dinner and eat. Dinner time isn’t quite the relaxing event that it used to be. But these pork chops made up for the stress.


6:45pm I give Allston half of his nighttime bottle while JP gets the bath ready and takes care of laundry.

7:00pm Bath time!! Allston loves his baths and is so cute kicking around in his tub.  Here he is after bath time getting dressed in his sleeper for the night.



7:15pm JP gives him the rest of his bottle and puts him down to bed for the night.


I have to laugh at this part because over the course of the next hour and a half it’s a battle to get Allston to finish his bottle. Currently he’s waking himself up in the crib because he immediately rolls to his stomach. And it’s not like he’s rolling to his stomach and sleeping. No, the kid is rolling to his stomach and doing full on tummy time and freaking out. So we have resorted to the rock n’ play for sleep which is obviously only a temporary fix since he’s too big for the damn thing now. He also needs to finish his big pre-bed bottle or else he’ll be up in the middle of the night to feed more often than he normally would. So if Allston has not finished the bottle JP puts him down in the crib and guaranteed he wakes up quick. Then he gives Allston the rest of the bottle until he’s done, at which point it’s back into the rock n’ play for the night. It’s not fun but I can’t complain since JP is typically doing all the work and Allston’s a great sleeper through the night.

7:15pm While JP does all of the above I take sweet Remy for a walk. It’s an absolutely gorgeous night and we both enjoy the fresh air and chat it up with a new neighbor!


7:30pm I wash dishes from dinner and make Allston’s bottles for the next day while I’m at work.


8pm Get ready to pump and finally relax a bit. It’s sad that pumping is just about the only time I have to relax these days. I’ll take it though.

9pm Intend to go to bed, but I’m still up. Wash pump parts and get everything as ready as it can be for work tomorrow.

9:30/10pm Go to sleep and hope that I don’t see the clock until 5am!


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