Allston’s Three Month Update

Is my son really 3 months old?

Allston 3 Months 6

Some days it feels like he’s been in our lives forever.


Allston 3 Months 3

And others where it feels like he was born yesterday.

Allston 3 Months 5

Allston 3 Months 2 Allston 3 Months 1

I’ve been meaning to write a few posts between Allston’s 2 and 3 month updates but man this month has been busy!

At the beginning of the month we flew to New York to visit both sides of the family.  Allston and I went solo since JP had to work and I wanted to take advantage of my maternity leave.  I was PETRIFIED of flying alone with him but in reality it wasn’t all that bad.  It’s only a 2 hour flight from Atlanta to NY and since we flew in the morning (Allston’s happiest time of day) I knew we’d be alright.  The hardest part about the trip was not having JP with me.  My family is amazingly helpful and hands on, but nothing can replace the help that JP provides…especially at bedtime when Allston is his fussiest.

Anyway, my family went into full on attack mode with this little guy!

IMG_8216 IMG_8223 IMG_8226


And so did JP’s!

IMG_8232 IMG_8235




I also got to meet my sister’s girlfriend for the first time and I love her!


Allston also got a professional photography shoot by one of my very close friends and I cannot thank her enough!!!  Love you Laur!


This next photo cracks me up!!


This month has been full of ups and downs.  NY was definitely an up.  My biggest down was going back to work.  My first day back was a half day, so not that bad.  My second day…well, that’s another story.  If I say that I cried 20 times that would be a drastic understatement.  And so far I’ve only had one week back in the office since Allston caught a virus at daycare and I was home with him all last week.  It was so great to snuggle with my boy all week, but not to see him sick and in discomfort.

Allston is still breastfeeding exclusively, but after one week of pumping at work I wonder how much longer I’ll last.  I love love love breastfeeding and feel so incredibly grateful that it’s gone well for us, but pumping SUCKS!  It takes up so much time during an already busy day.  I pump at 6am before leaving for work, 9am, noon, and 3pm at work, and once before bed just to make sure that I’ll have enough.  Very stressful and time consuming.  I’m going to give it my all to make it to 6 months and then decide where I want to go from there.  One plus to pumping at work though…the day flies by!

Sleep.  Where do I start with sleep??  If you asked me in the beginning of the month how sleep was going I’d say great.  He typically goes down around 7:30, nurses twice during the night, and is up for the day around 7am.  Awesome, right?!  Well, ask me now and you’ll get a very different answer.  Either Allston is still feeling the effects of being sick or he’s going through a major sleep regression because things have not been easy per se.  I’ve had a ROUGH week.  We’ve all had a rough week here.  Mainly due to the fever, but now that it’s gone I’m wondering why we have a nighttime terror on our hands.  I’m just hoping that this stage passes and counting down the days until we can begin sleep training with him because rocking him to complete sleep is getting old.

This past month Allston has really woken up and become super engaged with us.  He loves looking at himself in the mirror, has started reaching for toys, drooling like a maniac, and everything (I mean everything) goes into his mouth.

He’s also rolled over a few times, but it’s still not a regular occurrence.


Overall he’s a very happy boy!

IMG_3745 IMG_3741

And even his big sister is warming up to him.


Well, maybe.IMG_8293

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3 Responses to Allston’s Three Month Update

  1. Lauren Elizabeth DeMouth says:

    haha… super cute!!! Thanks for the shoutout!! 😉

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh he is just sooooo cute!! I love his hair! 🙂 I wish we lived in the same city (ha…state) so our boys could meet!

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