Allston’s Two Month Update

I can’t believe our little guy just turned 2 months!!

Allston Two Months

Here he is below at one month.  He’s definitely filled out a bit and is much much more expressive!!

Allston One Month

As long as he’s not hungry or tired (aka Mr. Crankypants) he’s usually smiling and trying to get our attention!

Allston Two Months 2

Such a difference from one month when he didn’t care to engage us that much.

Allston One Month 2

At his one month doctor’s appointment he was 10 lb 13 oz and 21 3/4 inches long.  At his two month appointment he was up to 12 lb 6 oz and 23 1/4 inches.  His growth was either right on track or picked up a bit so I was a happy mama.  It made his growth spurt two weeks ago worth the constant feedings and wake-ups during the night.  Of course here we are two weeks later and going through another one and I’m beginning to question my enthusiasm.  These growth spurts have left both Allston and me starving and exhausted!

Growth spurts aside, Allston’s sleep had been great at night with just one or two wake-ups  for feedings and typically going back down easily (typically, not always).  However nap time proved to be a bigger struggle.  Allston loves sleeping ON me which is great.  Who doesn’t love a snuggly baby in their arms?!  But it’s not very conducive to getting things done.  I even resorted to throwing him in the Ergo and vacuuming the house to put him to sleep.  Not proud!


But then one of my best friends, Manasi, suggested putting him in his swing, turning the speed up, and letting him be.  Sure enough he went out like a light for over 2 hours and is currently napping in it again as I write this post.  God bless you!

IMG_3639Allston’s favorite activities are playing with his mommy and daddy (obviously)!


He loves being held, cuddled and smiling big for us!

IMG_3651 IMG_3650 1898107_764766260392_908372821_nHe’s loving his jungle mat, looking in the mirror, and bath time.

Another one of his favorite activities is going for walks.  I usually take him out in the jogger with Remy during the day, but he loved being outside in the Ergo!

photo 1


photo 2 He also lets me get my barre dvd workout in while I hold him in the Ergo for a whole 40-50 minutes!

He is not a fan of sitting still at all.  The little guy needs to be moved constantly!  He also hates bedtime and being read to.  JP and I will attempt to read him a book if he’s calm after his bath and every single time it brings him to tears.  It’s kind of funny to watch!

This month Allston and I have been getting out a lot more.  Here we are on a lunch date!

IMG_3631We also frequently get out to run errands, visit friends, and go for afternoon walks if the weather is nice.

And JP and I even got to get out too on a date night!

IMG_3648 IMG_3647

Oh yeah, Allston also LOVES being naked.

Allston Chair

Month 3 will be an interesting one as we attempt to travel without JP to New York tomorrow morning (weather pending) to visit family.  It will also be the month that I start back up at work.  To say that it’s been leaving me emotional is an understatement.  I won’t get all mopey on here but there have been a lot of tears over this.  I’m incredibly grateful to have flexibility and be able to work from home a day or so a week, but it’s still not the same.  I’m used to spending every second with my lil man and it’s very painful to think of not being with him all the time.

Allston Chair 2

I’m hoping that once we get into a routine it won’t be that bad at all.  So fingers crossed that we both adjust well to our new schedule starting March 4th!

I think someone else will miss having her mama home all day with her too ;-)!

Remy and Allston

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4 Responses to Allston’s Two Month Update

  1. Manasi says:

    I’m glad the swing is working out for you–it saved us! Don’t worry about going back to work–it will be tough at first, but soon you’ll have a routine and it will be great!

  2. Allston is adorable! and you look great 🙂

  3. Kelly says:

    He is so cute!! It’s amazing how much they change from month to month isn’t it? Trey is such a shorty! He is only 24 inches long (at his 4 month appointment!) but he was only 19 inches when he was born. Here’s hoping he gets some height because neither me nor my husband are short. (I am 5’6 and my husband is 6’1)

    As for going back to work, you will adjust. Like I already told you, I cried for the first 3 weeks every morning on my drive into work. But now I feel like we’ve established a routine and it isn’t bad. Keith Face Times me every morning. I am a teacher (2nd grade) and they are SO good about letting me have my daily Face Time call. They get really quiet and understand that Mrs. Bruneman needs 5 minutes. I always make sure they have something to work on and it works fine.

    • Heather says:

      Your kids are awesome!! I’m one of the first people in my office so that shouldn’t be hard for me either. I’m also very very lucky to be getting half days on Tuesday and work from home on Fridays. That’ll help me get through the week much faster!! I’m sure you’re counting done until summer :-)!

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