Date Night

My birthday was this past week and so far 32 is off to a great start!  JP and I decided to cash in on our friend Ashleigh’s offer to babysit Allston and off we went on our first date night!  Damn did we need it!

Allston didn’t realize that he wasn’t invited, hence the sourpuss face.

1661367_10152164703913607_88966995_nIt felt strange to get “dressed up” but wonderful at the same time.  I actually blow dried my hair and put on makeup.  What a luxury!

Date NightWe had a gift card to J. Alexanders, a really nice steakhouse near our house, that we put to good use!

I started with a glass of Pinot Noir and JP got an Old Fashioned.  We also got a BBQ chicken flatbread and salad to start.

The rest of the grub…

IMG_8184 IMG_8185 IMG_8186

The highlight for me was, by far, their warm carrot cake with icing.  Oh my god this was good!!!!  I wish I wasn’t so stuffed so that I could’ve enjoyed it more.

IMG_8188Ashleigh texted me to let us know that Allston was doing great and sleeping away so we decided to grab a beer at a local bar before calling it a night.

For most people this would be a rather ordinary night out, but for us it was AMAZING!  It was our first time alone without Allston and so much fun to hang out just the two of us without playing a game of pass the baby.  We’ll have to do it again ;-)!


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5 Responses to Date Night

  1. Lauren Elizabeth DeMouth says:

    LOVE! So glad you had a great birthday and date night!! ❤

  2. Happy Birthday!! i’m sure it felt great to get out 🙂

    i laughed at your pass the baby comment!! isn’t it funny how they only fuss when we sit down to eat sometimes!!

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