The Big Game

Ok, fine, so I’m not a huge sports fan.  Or a sports fan at all if it doesn’t involve a balance beam (in which case I’m seriously hard core).  But I’ve come to realize that football isn’t going anywhere in this house so I should learn to love it.  And ever since that realization I’ve happily cheered along the Giants with my husband.

There’s only one Sunday during football season that the TV is mine and that’s for the Golden Globes.  Yes, I’m lame.

But there’s also another Sunday I don’t mind at all watching and that’s the Super Bowl!  What’s not to love about funny commercials, an awesome halftime show, and lots of great snacks.  Oh yeah, and a championship football game.

Our Super Bowl Sunday started off with our own workout…tummy time!


Tummy Time

There was lots of drool involved.

Tummy Time 2

Next up was an outfit change courtesy of Aunt Jeanne

Allston Superbowl!

and lots of food prep.

Ribs in the slow cooker

IMG_8099 IMG_8103  IMG_8110Guacamole that tasted way better than it looked (promise)


And JP’s hot wings!


Someone decided to nap through this part of the day and we were MORE THAN OK with that! 😉

IMG_8107We got our spread ready and before we knew it, it was game time!  The jungle mat bought us about 15 minutes of hands free time!


And beer of course.  This New Belgium chocolate stout was amazing!


JP’s hot wings:


And someone decided to try his first solids.


Fat kid ate them all.

IMG_8124Ha, just kidding (no s***).

The game was pretty darn awful since it was a slaughter but we enjoyed the commercials (especially that Radio Shack taking back the 80s one…hysterical).


And someone decided to stay up way past her bed time.

IMG_8129 IMG_8130Poor thing!!  We all slept well after the game…or not with all that heavy food in our tummies.  #worthit.

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2 Responses to The Big Game

  1. Lauren Elizabeth DeMouth says:

    hahaha. LOVED this one! Especially his first solid foods! 😉 YOU PIG!! lmao.

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday!!


  2. blondebomber says:

    THAT picture of him doing tummy time. With his mouth all open and pursed! I CAN’T with that face….LOVE it! ❤

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