Atlanta Snow Jam

This past week three inches of snow brought an entire city to a halt.


Traffic MapHaving lived in Boston it seemed kind of ridiculous that 3 inches could do so much damage here in Atlanta, however there’s a lot more to it than just the weather.  Sure, roads weren’t treated as they should’ve been and we don’t have the same infrastructure to deal with such weather, but a lot of this was a logistical nightmare where every single person left Atlanta proper at 1pm leading to massive traffic jams, kids stuck on school buses and sleeping over schools, and work being cancelled for days.

JP went into work that morning, however not much was different for Allston and me!


Cuddles per usual!  We actually had a really snuggly day at home full of naps

IMG_3560 IMG_3550and hot cocoa!

IMG_3557 IMG_3556

And before we knew it teeny tiny flurries turned into actual snow here in Georgia!

IMG_3551 IMG_3559JP had a work dinner planned for that evening so I didn’t anticipate him coming home until very late.  It ended up being cancelled much later, however that delay was a blessing in disguise since it took his coworkers hours just to get out of the Emory parking deck.

At 6 pm JP made his way home and by 7:30 he arrived safe and sound!  All in all he had a very successful drive home compared to those who were stuck in 10+ hours of traffic.  That night after we put Allston to bed we had more hot cocoa (one of ours was spiked but I’ll let you guess whose that was) and I joked that this was the most at home I’ve felt since moving here to Atlanta!

The entire city was shut down the next day dealing with the icy roads and traffic so JP stayed home with us.  Woo hoo, snow day!!  Unfortunately Allston was Mr. Fussypants All. Day. Long.  Little did we know he was just kicking off a growth spurt that is now thankfully winding down, but it was still nice to be snowed in together as a family!

That afternoon we took Allston outside to see his first snow!

Allston Snow Allston and Me Snow

I’m not so sure how much he liked it!


But I know someone who did!


I never anticipated Allston’s first snow to be here in Georgia.  While he’ll never remember it I know the entire city of Atlanta will forever!

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2 Responses to Atlanta Snow Jam

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh my goodness he is precious!!

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