It’s Time For Bed




What is it about the hours of 6-8 pm that turns my smily angel child

Allston Adorable

into a devil child?



For 22 hours of the day including middle of the night feeding I have no complaints about Allston.  He’s an amazing baby and I love spending every second with him (especialy when he’s cuddling on my chest).




I know that most babies have their witching hours so I’m trying to chalk it up to normalcy, but for the past couple of weeks it’s been crying fits every night before bed.  We’ve even implemented a consistent bedtime routine which starts with a bath.  He loves the bath and is super relaxed while in the water.  He’s even calm while we dry him off, diaper and moisturize him, but the second I brush his hair and it’s over he flips out!  Last night he was so worked up that he barely ate.  He was flailing his arms at my boob and after 5-10 minutes I had enough being a punching bag.  JP grabbed him, popped the pacifier in and out he went for 5 hours!!  The kid must have been exhausted.

It’s funny, aka maddening, just how much time we spend on figuring out our babies natural sleep rhythm and what we should and shouldn’t do.



Should I let him nap so close to bedtime?  Should we put him to bed earlier…or later?

IMG_3471Should we let him sleep on us during nap time?  (heart melting)

JP and Allston


I do stand by the fact that the more Allston naps during the day the better he sleeps at night.



So for now I’m letting the kid sleep even though it’s almost bath time because the alternative is him screaming and mama needs a little break!

Remy also appreciates the peace and quiet.



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One Response to It’s Time For Bed

  1. blondebomber says:

    holy crap that pic of JP and toodle is INCREDIBLE! JP looks so handsome and toodle….well, he couldn’t take a bad picture if he tried!


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