Allston’s One Month Update

On January 10th Allston turned 1 month old!  I can’t believe my little chunky monkey is growing up so fast.

Allston One Month

Here he is a few days after birth.

Dads_Allston_Birth 033

I can’t get over how much he’s changed!

Allston One Month 2

I just took him for his one month doctor’s appointment and he’s now weighing in at 10 lb 13 oz and 21 3/4 inches long.  Allston was born at 10 lbs even but dropped to 9 lbs before leaving the hospita, so I’m thrilled he’s back up in the high 10s and just a few ounces away from 11 lbs!  The doctor was really happy with his growth and said that we’re both doing a great job.  You just never know how much milk your baby is getting when you’re breast feeding so a little reassurance goes a long way for my confidence!

Here’s something interesting I observed.  I feel like I cracked the secret code to baby sleep and come to find that everyone online already knows this…sleep leads to more sleep.  What I mean is if your baby starts off napping well during the day, chances are they’ll nap better the rest of the day and sleep better of night.  On days that Allston fights his earlier naps I know that we’re in for an awful day!

I think he’s especially cute when he’s napping ;-).


As of now we put him down officially around 10pm for the night.  He’ll typically wake twice around 2 and 5am to eat and then we get up officially for the day around 8am.  This works great for now, however once I go back to work we’ll have to work on this a bit.

At 3 weeks old Allston still had his umbilical cord which was a bit surprising. We called up the doctor and the nurse told us that as long as it’s not infected we should be fine until our one month appointment.  Sure enough it fell out that week.  Ya know what that means?  Real bath time!

IMG_7978 IMG_7976

Allston loves his bath time now that he can lounge in the warm water.  He finds it really soothing and when he’s in a fussy mood it immediately calms him down.  We save his baths until right before bed time so we can get him nice and relaxed, change him, nurse him, and put him down for the night.

One of my favorite parts of bath time is wrapping him up in his towel right after he gets out of the water.

Allston Bath

He’s always so calm and JP and I will just stare and talk to him.  What a cutie!

Of course it’s not all sunshine and rainbows though.  While I’m not exhausted like I imagined I would be, the toughest battle for me has been mental.  It’s like we live in 2-3 hour increments and there’s never an “end” to the day.  All of my friends tell me that it gets better and that this stage will quickly be forgotten.  I suppose that’s the only reason people have more than one kid eh?!

It’s also been a little hard being home all alone without much other adult interaction.  There were a few days last week as JP was leaving for work that I got that sinking, I’m in for a long day feeling.  A few things I’ve found that have helped tremendously with the post baby blues are to get out for walks, get dressed in REAL clothes (heck, even put on some makeup), run a quick errand or grab some Starbucks with the lil guy, call/text/email friends.

And while we’re on the topic of me, I cannot WAIT to get started exercising for real again.  Since I had a C-Section I’m on exercise restriction until 6 weeks, however I can walk.  I get out for solid walks on the weekends but it’s hard during the week with JP working long hours.  I’m pumped to start up on my workout dvds again and make up some fun at home workouts while Allston naps.  I’ll be sure to share a few of them.

Just one month with Allston and it’s hard to imagine life without him!  This little guy sure has stolen our hearts!


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2 Responses to Allston’s One Month Update

  1. Lee says:

    I’m definitely ready to start exercising again. I feel like such a blob. Are you going to start running after you’re allowed? Maybe we can find a race to do in the spring.

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