A Day in the Life of a 4 Week Old

This post takes place yesterday on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014.  I can already say that today is going much differently.  It just goes to show you that a 4 week old has a mind of his own!

Some of my favorite posts to read from other mom bloggers are their day in the life posts.  And while no day is the same as the next in this house, I figured it would be fun to take a snapshot in time.  And what better day to do it then on Allston’s 4 week birthday!

Let’s start at midnight when we were all blissfully sleeping.  Mr. Allston has been quite the monster to put to bed lately and JP really does bare the brunt of this.  He has way more patience at this point in the day than I do and usually walks him to sleep.  But anyway, by 12 am we were all asleep.

2 am I start to hear some stirring.  Time for feeding number one.  I’ve found during middle of the night feedings it’s best to change his diaper first very quickly and then nurse him back off to sleep.  This is reverse of what I normally do during the day since it tends to wake him up after a feeding.  And we don’t like this at 2 am!

By 2:45 am We’re back to bed!

3:45 am He’s up again.  WTF?  Well, that’s what I said in my head.  I find he has a poopy diaper which is probably why he was cranky.  I try nursing again and it’s a quick one. Just enough to put Allston back to sleep.

5:45 am I was hoping he’d sleep a bit later since this is typically when we get up for the day, but I figure another round of sleep might do us some good.  So I change and nurse Allston quickly in the dark, put Allston quietly in his Rock n’ Play and snuggle back into bed myself just as JP is getting up to walk Remy and start his day.

8 am I feel like a NEW WOMAN!  I think this last round of sleep is going to have to become a regular thing.  Allston is making his usual squeaky “I’m about to wake up” noises which wakes me.  JP comes into the bedroom to start showering and get ready for work and I take advantage of this time to make the bed, get some breakfast started for myself, and set up my nursing station downstairs for the day.  This “station” consists of my Brest Friend pillow and my notepad where I still track feedings and diapers.

Alright, time to grab Allston…


8:10 am Time to be a moo cow again.  This time I open the shades, turn on the lights, and announce a big “Good Morning” to my boy.  Time to wake up.  We nurse and change his diaper and get him all bundled up for this FREEZING cold day.  JP and I moved from Boston to Georgia for the warm weather.  Joke’s on us I suppose?

8:30 am JP leaves for work :-(.  We like having him home but he’s been back at work now since December 26th.  In fact, yesterday was my FIRST day home alone with Allston since my mom and sister left on Saturday morning.

I place Allston in the Boppy Pillow Lounger while I have a little coffee and eat my oatmeal.  Usually he’s happy at this time of day and I wave a few of his fun toys in front of him while eating which allows me to eat in peace (sometimes).  Just as I’m about to have my last few bites all hell breaks loose!

8:45 am Time for another feeding since Allston was screaming bloody murder which he usually only does when he’s hungry.  Sure enough he ate again and I changed him.

9-10:30 am Fun time!  We played on his jungle mat (under a blanket since the living room is a bit chilly)


and successfully hung out in the Ergo carrier while I started this post.


Cute view ;-)!


I was really struggling to get the Ergo to work, but like anything else in life I turned to YouTube for instructions and baddabing baddaboom, we are in business!!  My goal is to carry him in the Ergo a little longer each day to get him used to it so that when we travel to NY next month it’s not a huge shock for him to be in it.

10:30 am Another feeding and another VERY DIRTY diaper change.  Wanna know something funny?  I always dreaded changing gross poopy diapers, but now I know that it means he’s getting a lot of milk from me I welcome them!  JP might feel differently ;-).

11-12 pm We have a tough hour where NOTHING makes him happy.  Well, the only thing that makes him happy is bouncing on the exercise ball.  He loves that damn ball.  He must remember it from his womb days when I would bounce on it at work.  I also resort to feeding him again right before noon so that he’ll conk out for a much needed nap.  Even Remy was annoyed!


Noon SUCCESS!  He’s napping and I’m hustling to get lunch together.  Like literally, hustling!

1 pm Allston is still napping in his swing and I just got word from work that a deal of mine closed!!  Woo hoo!  I’ll be honest…returning to work is a HUGE stress of mine.  I wish I could be home with Allston every single day, but unfortunately I cannot.  I will have lots of flexibility to work from home some days and I have an amazing boss who is allowing me to do this, but it’s still not the same.  Since I’m a recruiter and it’s a commission business the thought of returning to work with zero pipeline is scary, BUT having a deal close right off the bat in January gave me a confidence boost.  And I’m also looking forward to adult interaction during the week.  At least I love my job!

1:30 pm Facetime with my cousin and some new mothering advice!

2:30 pm Allston is STILL sleeping.


I decide to pump one boob to start building up that milk supply and keep the other one ready for his feeding whenever he rises.  If he’s not up by 3pm I’ll probably wake him.

2:45 pm Like clockwork he’s up and ready to eat!


Mister Cranky Pants!!


He eats like a champ, I change him again, and then we come back downstairs to play and do some tummy time once he digests a bit.  Although right when tummy time was about to start I got a call from my best friend Jamie in California!  She just had a baby girl less than 2 weeks after I had Allston so we Facetime’d with the future love birds and traded war stories ;-).

4:30 pm Another feeding, another dirty diaper.

5-6:30 pm Prepare JP’s lunch for tomorrow, clean up some dishes, and snuggle time on the couch with some trashy TV.  It was awesome!

IMG_3406 IMG_3413

6:30 pm Another feeding, during which daddy comes home!  JP walks Remy in the polar vortex and then I prepare dinner.

7:15 pm Dinner time.  Allston was finicky at first but we brought down the Rock ‘n Play and after 3 attempts he conks out while we relax.

8:15 pm Allston wakes up from his little nap and is being a bit of a fusspot.  JP and I trade off holding him and trying to calm him down.

9-10 pm Family tv time on the couch watching some Atlanta Property Virgins.  Typically we try to put Allston to bed around 9 pm but we’ve realized that he never actually falls to sleep then.  JP usually walks him for an hour and he’ll fall asleep around 10-11 pm.  So tonight we decided to hang out with him until his more natural bed time and sure enough he’s been really chill just relaxing with us on the couch.

IMG_3415 IMG_3416 IMG_3417

10 pm Last feeding of the night.  JP changes Allston’s diaper first and helps get him settled into his Rock ‘n Play for the night.

12 am Literally at the crack of midnight he lets out a big scream and here we go again.  He’s lucky he’s cute!!

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4 Responses to A Day in the Life of a 4 Week Old

  1. Good idea to turn to youtube for the ergo baby.. I need help with it! I just tried it today and i couldn’t figure out the insert part!!

    • Heather says:

      The key is to put the insert in first while wearing the Ergo and then put the baby in. You then want to pull out her legs to each side and scoot her but down so she’s sitting. But definitely YouTube it bc it’s way easier to watch someone demo! Allston just took a 45 min nap in it and it’s the only reason I got to eat lunch today!

  2. blondebomber says:

    Just spent a ridiculous amount of time reading the last posts I missed. I am KVELLING. I can’t take looking at pictures of him, because I can’t express my vocal response while at work..LOL! I love TOODLE! And, you’re so cute doodie!

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