Allston’s First Christmas

If you know me then you already know that I was raised Jewish and JP was raised Catholic.  This could present a problem for raising a child, however we are both the perfect match of non-religiousness (is that a word?).  What does matter to me is my Jewish cultural identity, especially having two Grandparents who were Holocaust survivors.  JP knows how important this is to me and we both agreed to raise Allston Jewish.  But with that being said, who doesn’t LOVE Christmas???!!!  I’m borderline obsessed with it and plan to relive the fun of the holiday year after year through my son’s eyes.  Sorry Allston but you’re along for the ride with your crazy mama ;-).


This year since I had just given birth 2 weeks before Christmas we had all the family come to us in Georgia.

My in-laws arrived on Christmas Eve.


They had already met Allston when he was born but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend his first Christmas with him.

My brother in-law also made the trip!


And my parents flew down from New York the Saturday before to spend the entire week with their first Grandchild.

IMG_7910It’s safe to say that they’re in love!


This year’s festivities were very low key since the entire day revolved around our feeding schedule.  For Christmas Eve we enjoyed a delish Chicken Cacciatore dinner thanks to my mom and made sure to read Allston “The Night Before Christmas.”


I plan to make this an annual tradition, along with “The Polar Express” which I loved as a kid.  Next year I’m sure we’ll also bake some cookies to put out for Santa, although it will probably still be too early for him to really “get it.”  And no, we will not be making rum balls Danny!

And while I was good and allowed myself ONE glass of wine, the rest of the gang had no problem doing shots of homemade moonshine.


And Christmas morning Santa came!  Granted he never came while growing up but I think that I’ll forgive him ;-).

IMG_7895 IMG_7866


Allston got plenty of fun gifts and got passed around constantly.  He was soaking up the family love!

IMG_7904 IMG_7869 IMG_0428

But I think he always looks the teeniest in his daddy’s arms!


And last but not least our precious reindeer!!


She had a fun time until her and her boyfriend King were locked out during Christmas dinner!


Our friends Meghan and Rian also joined us for Christmas dinner.  They watched Remy for us when we had Allston and Remy and King forged a strong love affair.

By the end of the night after all the food was eaten, many drinks were had, and Cards Against Humanity was played we were all POOPED!

IMG_7879 IMG_0353

It was a great Christmas and even more special to be celebrating it with our son for the first time and surrounded by both sets of Grandparents.  I get excited thinking about him running down the stairs in our house to open his presents in years to come.

I hope y’all had a great holiday with your families and a happy new year!! xoxo

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2 Responses to Allston’s First Christmas

  1. Ilana says:

    Just got caught up on your blog! Congrats again. Everything looks like it is going great! Ps- you look like mom. She’s gorgeous 😉

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