Allston’s Birth Story

December 10, 2013 will be a day I’ll never forget.


2012 was a year of worry for me…will I ever get pregnant?  How hard will it be?  Will fertility drugs work well or will I need to look into further steps?  It’s hard to imagine a beautiful baby at the end.

Flash forward to 2013 which would become the best year of my life.  When I took a positive pregnancy test back in March I was overcome with complete joy and a huge sense of relief.  I was so ready to be pregnant  and when I realized that my due date would be in December it felt like light years away.  Yet very quickly the months ticked by and my due date arrived…but with no baby.  And then every day thereafter felt like an eternity.

I’ll rewind to the early morning of Monday, December 9th.  I woke up around 4 am with contractions.  Not the usual braxton hicks contractions because these came with strong menstrual like cramping.  I watched the clock as they lasted for around an hour at 8-10 minutes apart.  I got pretty excited and woke JP up at 5 am.  He took out his app and we started to time them, however when I stood up to go the bathroom they went away.  I kept waiting for them to come back but NOTHING.  JP went off to work and I spent another day waiting.

Fast forward to the next morning and more of the same except this time they were getting very painful.  I laid in bed for nearly 2 hours in pain as the contractions came every 10 minutes.  And then I got up for my day and they stopped…again!  I had a doctor’s appointment at 11 am so I figured we’d find out more then.  Surely all of these contraction had helped me to progress and further dilate/efface.  I wasn’t thrilled about being the woman who was pre-laboring for days but if it helped me to progress then so be it!

JP had planned to work from home that day and accompany me to my appointment.  I had both a non-stress test and a typical OB check-up scheduled.  The non-stress test would tell us about the health of the baby and if I could wait until 42 weeks before induction.  My ultimate goal was to have as natural a childbirth as possible and I was hoping my body would work things out on its own.  However since I was showing signs of early labor we decided to pack up the car with our “hospital bag.”  I say bag loosely because it seriously looked like we were moving into the damn place.  I also got Remy’s stuff in order in case my friend Meghan had to swing by and pick her up.

The drive to Emory Midtown was full of contractions, some painful but most were very manageable.  We got set up for the ultrasound and saw our baby boy on the screen.  He looked super healthy and my fluid levels were great.  I then asked the tech how much he was estimated to weigh.  She had planned to do this anyway and started taking measurements.  Then she stopped, looked confused, and said “this can’t be right.”  She measured again. And one more time.  Then she turns to JP and me and says “your baby is 11.2 lbs.”  I hear 11.2 lbs and immediately turn to JP and say, “screw that, I’m getting a c-section!”

They had a doctor come in to consult with us and tell us that we were highly encouraged to have a c-section due to all of the risks associated with birthing an 11 lb baby.  Of course they could be wrong, but even if they were off then the lowest he could weight was 9.5 lbs.  And no, I did not have gestational diabetes.  In fact, my pregnancy was super healthy and I only gained 22 lbs.  However we had genetics working against us.  JP was a 10 lb baby and my dad was 11 lbs!  When I heard 11.2 I wasn’t all that surprised, but almost relieved that I wouldn’t die trying to get this baby out the old fashioned way.  I knew deep down that he was big and with each passing day that he didn’t arrive I was starting to get a lot of anxiety about the labor of my ever growing baby boy.

The doctor then asked us if we would want to schedule a c-section today or tomorrow.  At this point I was having contractions every 10 minutes and didn’t want to be put into an emergency situation so off we went to labor and delivery.

After checking in I was set up right away in triage.


The baby was still doing great and the next hour or two was spent calling/texting family and friends.  And of course taking selfies.

IMG_7671And other ridiculous pictures.

IMG_7673 IMG_7680JP got suited up.


And one last pic before I was wheeled away to be given a spinal and situated for the surgery.


I have never had surgery before and this was definitely NOT the birth experience I wanted.  The doctors and nurses were all amazing and did their best to make me feel comfortable, but I felt very detached from the process and it was a frightening experience.  I just remember the room feeling super white and sterile (obviously a good thing) but also scary at the same time.  By the time JP joined me I was pretty freaked out.

IMG_7684 IMG_7685The doctors updated us with what they were doing and when they said about to make incision I remember telling myself to calm down and breathe.  I never felt any pain but I did feel a tremendous amount of pressure.  And when they pulled Allston from my body I could feel a giant weight being lifted.

As he was taken out of me I heard the doctor say, “looks like we made the right decision!”  He clocked in at a full 10 lbs!  He cried right away and had a great set of lungs on him.  JP went over to take a picture of him and immediately reported back to show me.  Supposedly most dads don’t go back to show the mother without being told to do so, so thank you babe!



While they cleaned up Allston I was put back together.  I felt so incredibly tired from the medication, but all I wanted was to see my son.

Finally he was brought over so I could catch a glimpse and then I was whisked off to recovery while Allston and JP went to the nursery.  Shortly thereafter I was finally able to hold my not so little boy.


Our first family pictures!

IMG_7722 IMG_7721

We immediately tried breastfeeding and what they say is true about bigger babies…they’re great eaters.  He took to it pretty quickly.  By no means has breastfeeding gone perfectly and I’ll share more about Allston’s weight in a future post, but he’s definitely made it easier for me.

Allston was brought into this world on Tuesday, December 10th at 2:55 pm.  We spent the next 3 days in the hospital where I was allowed to recover and we both were monitored.

We worked a lot on our nursing and was able to keep Allston with us the entire time in our room.

IMG_2967 IMG_2974 IMG_2971

It was time well needed there, however we couldn’t wait to bust out and head home as a family of 3 (humans).

Here’s Allston all ready to hit the road!




JP pulled up the car and Allston and I were wheel chaired out of the hospital.  It was seriously straight out of a movie.  We then got him all ready for his first car ride home.


IMG_2996But of course we had one very important person we had to pick up first…



Our family of 4 was now complete and we were officially ready to start the rest of our lives together.

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6 Responses to Allston’s Birth Story

  1. Ilana says:

    Congrats again. Wow! This is incredible. What a great and patient momma you are.( This is kinda what I’m worried about happening- hubs was 10 lbs at birth- but I’m 5 foot 2. ) Im 18 weeks do time will tell. So glad you avoided an emergency c section and all went well. He’s beautiful!

  2. Lauren Elizabeth DeMouth says:

    Awww this is beautiful! LOVED it!!! ❤

  3. Lee says:

    I’ve gained almost 20 lbs but I think mine is mostly pizza and not baby! How’s Remy taking to her new brother?

  4. jamie says:

    STOP making me cry!

  5. Lauren says:

    I love you and your precious family! What a great story.

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