41 Weeks – I’m Huge

How far along: 41 weeks and not feeling as “chipper” as I was this time last week.


I should add that I, myself, was 10 days late.  I made sure to call my mother this morning and apologize for my tardiness as I hope my son does to me one day (although I guess he’ll only understand my pain via his future wife).  I guess it’s not so much that I’m in physical pain (although I’m definitely not comfortable all the time) but I am so anxious to meet our baby.  


Each night I go to bed hoping to be woken up in the middle of the night in labor since that’s the ONLY possible way it’ll happen, obviously ;-).  I also really don’t want to be induced and now I’m on a timeline, but the bottom line is healthy baby.  So however and whenever he gets here, he gets here.  

Doctor’s Appt Update: I had my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and it went great.  The baby is still super healthy.  His heart was beating nicely and his amniotic fluid is still plentiful.  I also progressed to 75% effaced and 2 cm, so we’re getting there!  I go in on Tuesday for a non-stress test and another internal exam.  If all goes well with that appointment they will allow me to wait until next weekend for induction.  So fingers crossed I either don’t have my Tuesday appointment because magic happens tonight or he comes on his own sometime next week.  

How big is baby:  He’s really really big.  I don’t need a website to tell me that this kid is the size of a pumpkin, a watermelon, or a golden retriever.  I can feel it.  There’s no doubt in my mind that this boy is coming out large.  And I think that’s where some of the fear around labor is sneaking in.  I was ok having a “normal” sized baby naturally but now that I believe I’m having a “giant” baby I’m beginning to worry that I might not have what it takes.  Either way, this kid has to come out somehow right?

Total weight gain: So those 2-3 lbs I lost last week…they’re back.  I’m up 22 lbs.  That wasn’t hard at all to put it back on haha.  I figured this past week I should tone down the crappy eating and stick to nutritious foods.  I’m happy I put the weight back on but I also don’t need to average 3 lbs/week either.

Maternity clothes/pregnancy items bought: No new items bought this week, however we did work on finalizing some projects.  JP put up the baby’s name on the wall above the crib.  And no, I will not share the final product yet.  That’s a surprise!


Sleep:  The worst part of my day.  I think this is why I’m pretty OVER pregnancy.  I am up constantly now to pee and never completely comfortable.  I’m also have crazy vivid dreams and never feel like I’m setting into a good night’s sleep.  I am VERY grateful to be working from home at this point or else I’d be falling asleep at my desk.  Working from home = no commute/no looking pretty = an extra hour of sleep at least!

Best moment of the week: We spent this week getting our house all dolled up for the holidays!  JP was sure to put candles in the menorah each night since I would forget (bad Jew) and we also got our son’t first Christmas tree!


JP set it up and I decorated it.  No one loves Christmas more than a Jewish child who grew up wishing so badly that he or she could celebrate the holiday.  I spent one evening this week dancing to the Pandora jazz and pop holiday station and decorating the tree.

IMG_2864 IMG_2863

JP took care of the outside while Remy supervised from inside.  This picture CRACKS me up!  Where’s Waldo?


IMG_2847 IMG_2865

My friend Ashleigh said that we really needed to take some pics in front of the tree pre baby and post baby so we had her and her boyfriend over for dinner and they helped us with a family photo shoot.  Nothing a little pizza and vino couldn’t buy!



Prom pic.  I look enormous and so swollen in this shot.


IMG_7658And of course some with Remy!

IMG_7670 IMG_7668

We couldn’t leave Ashleigh and Reggie out…IMG_7665 IMG_7663

And me and my girl!


A ridiculous outtake… IMG_7661

I don’t know who looks more ridiculous in this picture…Remy or me.

Food cravings:  This week food wasn’t all that appealing to me but I did my best to cook some healthy meals.  I made taco salad to have throughout the week (JP would make them into burritos).


And last night desperation set in.  We out to eat at Alfredo’s on Cheshire Bridge Rd thanks to the recommendation of our realtor and I of course got the “labor inducing” eggplant parm.


Well guess what…it didn’t induce me!

Symptoms:  I thought I was the luckiest pregnant lady ever, having not suffered from many of the negative pregnancy side effects.  And if pregnancy had ended 3 weeks ago I would still say the same.  Well this week something awful happened.  Something I’ve thankfully never had to experience in my life.  This week I got cankles!  And the swelling isn’t only there.  My hands look like a little fat kid’s.  My carpel tunnel is also in full effect and I have tingly fingers constantly.

Exercise: Exercise has actually been pretty good!  I’m motivated to get this kid out and have gotten in some good walks when the weather hasn’t been crappy.


And I’ve also been doing my indoor workouts that consist of lots of deep lunging and squatting.  Operation get this baby out is in full effect!

What I’m looking forward to: I’m trying to focus on the positive which is the fact that on Christmas my baby will definitely be here!  And Christmas will be extra special this year, not only because of our son, but because it’s the first one in our new home with both sets of families joining us.  Just thinking about it gets me excited!!

What I miss:  Not feeling enormous all the time, running, stretches of sleep that go longer than an hour.  And yes, I realize I’ll have to wait a while for the last one to happen again.

Next appt: Tuesday afternoon.  JP is coming with me just in case we are told they need to induce immediately.  We’ll be sure to pack our bags in the car just in case!!

Remy blog time:

The other morning I couldn’t find Remy after my shower but had a feeling I knew where she’d be…in “her” office.  This girl cracks me up!



Remy has also been sick of this crappy weather and wishes her time home with mommy could be spent outside.  That makes two of us!  But at least we’ve had some quality cuddle time on the couch.

IMG_2909 IMG_2908

What a princess, always crossing her paws!

So that’s my week in review and the next time I write there will most definitely be a little bambino to show off!!!

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3 Responses to 41 Weeks – I’m Huge

  1. Heather hang in there, it will come and you look great! My bundle of Joy arrived December 5th and it is the greatest thing ever. It will make you forget all that waiting and anticipating the baby’s arrival. I walked a lot the few days before she came 🙂

    • Heather says:

      Congratulations Kelly!! I just saw on your blog your adorable little girl. That is such amazing news. I hope all went well with the delivery. I love hearing about people’s birth stories. Are you planning on sharing it? And I so want to get outside to walk but it hasn’t stopped raining here for days. I might just throw on a rain jacket and suck it up!!

      • Thank you Heather!! I posted my birth story on my blog so check it out!
        I am hoping you have a baby update soon!! I can’t wait to hear your story if you share it through a post 🙂
        Our babies will be so close in age!!

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