39 Weeks – 1 Week Until D Day!

How far along: 39 weeks.  1 week until my December 1st due date and things are starting to get real.



I have ZERO room left for this kid in case you can’t tell…


If he stays cozied up until December 15th (the latest my doc will let me go before induction), then I will be enormous!

How big is baby:  This week our little guy is the size of a watermelon.  I’ve been waiting a long time to say that I’m carrying around a watermelon!  He’s still ranging from 18.9-20.9 inches long and 6.2-9.2 lbs in weight. This week he’s flexing his limbs (I’ll attest to this that yes, he is…ouch).  He’s also going through rapid brain development and his nails might be growing past his fingers.  Good thing we have those cute little baby mittens!

Total weight gain: Up another pound to 21 in total.  It seems like I’m on the pound a week train which is fine by me, although after the Friendsgiving we’ll be attending today and my Thanksgiving meal, I might be averaging two.  Rumor has it there will be pecan pie there today.  Holla!

Maternity clothes/pregnancy items bought: We actually received a gift in the mail from my freshman year roomie Lauren and her boy friend Nick.


Such a thoughtful gift and we hope it gets our son excited about visiting our favorite city and old home!!

Sleep:  We had some issues here this week.  So obviously I wake up constantly to pee throughout the night.  Duh, no surprise here.  However last week I started waking up in SEVERE pain since I had to go soooo badly.  Oh the joys of having a little chunkster pressed up against his momma’s bladder.

The pain was excruciating one night in particular that I didn’t even think I could walk myself to the bathroom.  I managed to hobble there and it eventually went away.  So now I have a new strategy!  I set my alarm about 1-1.5 hours after I go to bed to go pee so that I don’t let my bladder get so full that I find myself in that much pain.  I’ve done this the past two nights and so far it’s worked like a charm.

Best moment of the week:  This week has been really quiet and I am loving it.  I’ve needed some calm before the storm.  I have one more day working in the office and then I’ll be working remotely until baby boy makes his debut!

And today we are invited to a “Friendsgiving”  through one of JP’s coworkers, which is so sweet!  Our favorite event of the year has always been our friends’ annual “Fakesgiving” up in Boston.  We all cook up a Thanksgiving dish, there’s lots of beer and wine (don’t forget the boxed wine that is a tradition) and tons of dessert.  Last year we went up to Boston an entire week before Thanksgiving just so we wouldn’t miss this event.  This year we obviously will not be making it which is incredibly sad.  We both miss our friends a lot, but being that I have SEVEN days until this guy is scheduled to pop out doesn’t bode well for a 15+ hour drive to NY and then a 3-4 hour drive to Boston the next day.  Anyway, we’re happy to be invited along to a new Friendsgiving which brings me to my next point…

Food cravings:  I decided to cook up the same side that I’ve always made for Fakesgiving in the past…Mac n’ Cheese!  I follow Ina Garten’s recipe and it never fails!!

It’s fairly easy but does require a lot of man power.


Good thing I had a willing man to help.  He took pity on his nearly 10 month pregnant wife and I was fine with that!




The finished product:


Symptoms:  Constant Braxton Hicks, pelvic pain, bladder pain, waddling like a true woman, however I’m still doing it in heels at work.  Ashleigh insisted on a photo shoot on “Jeans Friday” at work and I obviously wasn’t going to turn her down.


My wedding rings are also off.  Hello swelling!

Exercise: I’m still walking, albeit very slowly.  I had my last lunchtime walk with Ash on Thursday which was sad.  I’m going to miss my walking buddy so much, however she’ll soon become my jogging buddy once I’m back from maternity leave.  Once the old Heather is back she has no clue what she’s in store for ;-).

I also have been enjoying my evening walks with puppy around the neighborhood!  If we go a bit later than normal we get the sunset.  It sure beats the pitch black walks we would take in Boston at the same time of day during this time of year.


What I’m looking forward to:  A few days off of work relaxing!!  I am very anxious to meet my son, however I really hope he doesn’t come until after Thanksgiving weekend so that I can chill out and rest a bit.

I’m even more excited for the Christmas season more than ever since that means our son will be here.  I have reminders of it approaching everywhere.  In Starbucks…



And on my walk yesterday to downtown…

IMG_2728We plan to decorate our house on Friday after Thanksgiving!  This way it’ll be all pretty for our son’s arrival and when our families visit next month!!

What I miss:  Thanksgiving with my family and Fakesgiving with my friends :-(.

Next appt: Since it’s Thanksgiving week I’ll be going into the doc on Tuesday.  This is when they’ll start checking my dilation/effacement.

And of course some Remy blog time is in order.  Here she is with her #1:

IMG_2713 IMG_2719

And last night I get up for one second and she steals my corner spot.  She’s lucky she’s cute!!


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6 Responses to 39 Weeks – 1 Week Until D Day!

  1. Lauren says:

    Cannot wait for his arrival! So excited for you two! Miss you and love you!

  2. Ilana says:

    Best of luck! I hope you have a great couple days off and that all goes smoothly.

  3. I am sure you are getting anxious for the arrival of your baby boy!! I am anxious for mine too.

    I can SOO relate to you on the bathroom breaks in the middle of the night. That pain is so annoying. I guess it’s good practice for getting up in the middle of the night! Have you had any painful contractions yet??

    • Heather says:

      Nothing super painful yet! Although the contractions are coming more and more frequently. We saw a movie last night and I must’ve had at least 20 throughout the film. Ironically I tend to get more contractions while sitting/laying down than I do when I’m up and about.

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