38 Weeks – Happy Birthday JP!

How far along: 38 weeks.  2 weeks from the big due date.  I cannot believe how quickly time is flying!  I’m still carrying very high so my guess is that I have more than 2 weeks left.  I’m actually more than ok with this.



I can’t tell too much of a difference from last week:


How big is baby:  This week our little guy is the size of a pumpkin!!  He’s seasonally appropriate ;-).  I definitely look like I’m carrying around a pumpkin.  He’s ranging from 18.9-20.9 inches long and 6.2-9.2 lbs in weight. He might already have an inch of hair on his head and he’s shedding that white gooey vernix on his body.  My guess is that he’ll come out with a full head of hair like I did, but it would be nice to have a little baldy.  They’re so cute when they’re bald!

Total weight gain: One more pound bringing me to 20 in total.

Maternity clothes/pregnancy items bought: I had a Babys R Us gift card that needed some spending (thanks Trice!) so I ordered the Rock n’ Play, some cloth diapers to use as burp cloths (no I will not be cloth diapering, but kudos to moms who do), and some hand sanitizer.

We had our newborn care class this week and they reminded me of all of the things we still didn’t have.  For the most part we’re pretty ready though.  The class was taught by a great nurse at Emory Midtown.  They’re already all decked out for Christmas which got me excited!


I can’t wait to get our little holiday present this year early or late depending on which holiday we’re referencing!

Sleep:  Aside from struggling to constantly find comfortable positions, I’m sleeping fairly well.  Although at least one time each night I wake up in terrible pain because I have to pee so badly and can barely move.  I do my little hobble to the bathroom and once I go I feel immediately better.  Yeah, I’m sure you all wanted to know that!  Anyway, I try to get at least 8 hours each night and nap for an hour or two on the weekends.  I know that my sleeping days will be over real soon and I’m trying to squeeze it all in.  If everyone and their mother is going to tell me to sleep while I can, I guess I should listen!

Best moment of the week:  JP turned 31 on Wednesday!  I ran out and got him a special treat for dinner that night…a Chickfila spicy chicken sandwich meal with, as I like to say, a side of homophobia.  Ok, I’m not proud I support Chickfila but their food is damn good and I am NOT a fast food lover but I’ll eat that.  We don’t do it often, but I know how much JP loves it.  (They also make a mean cookies and cream milkshake that I might have had half of).

Last night I took JP out for his real meal.  First we went to Barcelona in the Highlands for drinks.


JP got a spicy tequila drink and I got a basic mocktail in a fancy glass (which cost $4-5 and was kind of bullshit if you ask me).  Yet I really want to come back here for dinner one night since the food looked and smelled delish!

For dinner we headed over to Two Urban Licks.  We’ve been meaning to try this restaurant out forever but our plans always fell through.  And my close high school friend Melissa told me about this place as we were moving here (she lives in NYC but travels for work all the time to produce big events…she kind of has the coolest job ever) so it’s been on my radar.  I didn’t take any pictures because the room was super dark but we split some appetizers (you need to get the brisket empanadas, just do it) and an entree and finished it all off with a giant ganache covered slice of chocolate cake.  I left a happy girl.

Food cravings:  I love Whole Foods.  I love the Whole Foods salad and hot food bar.  When I go to Whole Foods this is always what I get.  I love the vast array of fresh and healthy options and make fun of JP for his typical slice of pizza.  And yet this was my lunch of choice while there yesterday with JP.


The thought of eating anything else made me ill.  This kid is all my husband!

Symptoms:  According to my doctor’s appointment, our little guy is dropping lower in my pelvis.  And let me tell ya, I can feel it.  His movements create a weird pressure like sensation that’s a bit off-putting.  And the Braxton Hicks are still occurring with a vengeance.  Also, my first trimester food aversions are creeping back in.  I just picked up a jar of pickles at Publix today too.  It might as well be April all over again.

Movement:  He is still moving a ton now.  Last night on our way to dinner he was kicking away non-stop to the point where JP was nervous something was happening.  I think he was just excited for a night out on the town with mom and dad.

Exercise: I’m still going strong with walking, workout dvds, and the occasional trip the to the work gym.



I don’t know how that belly stays up.  I usually just do some light elliptical and weights.  Nothing fancy.  Damn, I miss real workouts.

What I’m looking forward to:  I’m actually looking forward to a long Thanksgiving weekend with no baby.  I know that sounds silly (and selfish) but I can really use those days to rest and relax with JP.  It will probably feel a bit lonely, just the two of us this year, but we’ll make the most of it before all of the visitors (my in-laws and my parents/sister) make their way to Atlanta to meet the new guy.  We also plan on enjoying a fancy night out at a top rated steak house.



So I’m an Accounting/Finance recruiter and one of my old colleagues/friends in Tax asked for my help in seeking a new job.  While I couldn’t help set up interviews for her (we don’t have clients up in Minnesota) I was able to review her resume and give her interview prep advice, etc.  And she got the job!!!  I’m so excited for her and she sent this to me as a thank you.  Beyond unnecessary but we’ll be sure to put it to good use!

What I miss:  This week I’ve really missed sleeping on my stomach.  Almost there.

Next appt: Next Friday again.  And before I forget, I got my results this week for my Group B Strep test and they were negative.  Sweet!

And here’s your weekly Remy moments.  The first one is brought to you by Autumn.  The season that best brings out her golden coat ;-),



And here she is posing with her new tennis ball.  She likes to watch me get ready in the bathroom from our bedroom and sulk due to lack of attention.  What a drama queen!



I’ll be back next week with my 39 week update (I suppose).  🙂

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7 Responses to 38 Weeks – Happy Birthday JP!

  1. Lee says:

    I can’t believe you only have two more weeks! And also, Barcelona does have really good food. You should definitely try it at some point.

  2. stephanie says:

    Just checking in on you. I love how mellow you are. I was dying and very impatient at this point. Next time I’ll be more zen like you. I hope you have a happy, uneventful Thanksgiving (I mean the best intention, of course) xoxo

    • pspring55 says:

      Hey Steph!! I think I’m so “zen” b/c I’m not quite ready for him yet haha. Obviously I’m excited to meet our son, but I think I can wait until December ;-).

  3. Ilana says:

    Just found your blog- it’s really cute! Best of luck with the home stretch. You seem like you are doing great. I’m due in May and its fun reading your pregnancy updates. 🙂

  4. You are so close!! It looks to me like you dropped but who knows! I feel ya on the food aversions I have had some of that first trimester stuff come back and there are a few foods I don’t like again! Blahh.

    Keep going strong!!

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