35 Weeks – Halloween!

How far along: 35 weeks.


I technically have 5 more weeks until baby Canner is due and I can’t imagine where I’m going to put the rest of him.  Look how much I’ve grown since 30 weeks below…


No wonder everyone and their mother is telling me how big my tummy looks.  Yes, I get it, I’m carrying a big baby.

How big is baby:  This week our little guy is the size of a coconut.  He’s ranging from 17.2-18.7 inches long and 4.2-5.8 lbs in weight.  His hearing is now fully developed and will respond to high pitched noises (maybe I should stop my singing).  And his testes have fully descended.  I’m sure he already appreciates me talking about this ;-).

Total weight gain: Since my last appointment three weeks ago I gained a pound putting me at total weight gain of 16-18 lbs.  My doctor is happy with this number at this stage in the game, however I used the 1 lb weight gain to justify a weekend of awful eating.  Not smart since it has left me feeling super lethargic.  Back to healthy food this week!

Maternity clothes/pregnancy items bought: I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes (hence me squeezing into my under armour running pants above).  I have a little over a month left and that will mean leaving my jackets opened or wearing JP’s fleeces.  And we do have a few baby items left to buy, however my boss has a few things for me to borrow so I’ll wait to do that first before going buck wild on amazon :-).

Sleep:  Whether I’m sleeping at night or taking a power nap on the weekends, I am out.  My hips hurt pretty badly when I awake, but that’s my only complaint.

Speaking of which, I joined this pretty girl for a nap on the couch this afternoon and it was fabulous!


Best moment of the week:  I have two!  This week on Wednesday my friends Meghan and Ashleigh treated me to a ladies night including mocktails, food, and pedicures.  So awesome!!  I might not have made a ton of friends down here so far, but the few I have made are so great and I feel really lucky!

And of course Halloween!  This year we went as “Shotgun Wedding” and kept it southern inspired.  I felt a bit too naked for nearly 9 months pregnant, that’s for sure.


JP went from this


to this


I’m a lucky girl ::swoon::!  We went over to our friend Todd’s house for a small get together.  We also had a party across the street at our neighbors and totally missed it.  We thought it was Saturday night but it was Friday night.  Yeah, whoops!  Anyway, we still had a great time on Saturday…

IMG_7644 IMG_7645 IMG_7647 IMG_7649

Jello shots were NOT enjoyed by me.  It was by far my most sober Halloween to date!  I made up for the lack of booze in junk food and had a food hangover this morning.  Ugh.

And another fun flashback to Halloweens gone by…


We were Misty May and Kerri Walsh last year on the left and Jesse James and Kat Von Dee in 2010.  Next year we’ll need to include our son in on the madness!  He doesn’t know what he got himself into.

Food cravings:  With the exception of pizza, nothing is sounding good to me these days.  I’m making some chili in the crock pot for dinner tonight and will attempt to get myself excited for this.  Perhaps the cornbread on the side will do the trick?

Symptoms:  Nothing too bad this week.  The occasional braxton hicks, having to pee all of the time, the usual.  But for the most part I’m still feeling really good!

Movement:  So now I know why I get the majority of my movement on my left side.  My doctor did an ultrasound to determine the baby’s positioning and he’s head’s down!  Super excited about that.  But his back is running down my right side and both legs are kicked out to my left side.  The poor guy is all contorted in there and loves to kick up a storm when I lie on my left size which feels rather strange.

Exercise: Lots of walking this week and it feels great!  I try to get out for 4 miles and I’m still feeling really strong and capable.  I also do my workout dvds, the occasional gym workout at work, and that’s about it.

What I’m looking forward to:  Next weekend one of my best friends, Manasi, is coming down to visit!!  She has a test she needs to take for med school and it’s only offered in certain cities so she picked Atlanta.  She comes in on Saturday night and stays until Wednesday morning.  She’ll be our first non-family guest at the house and we can’t wait!

And we’re also meeting with our doula on Saturday to discuss our expectation for our labor.   I can’t believe we’re already in the final stretch!

What I miss:  Running, especially with the perfect fall weather we had this weekend.  It was perfectly brisk and cool out Saturday morning for my walk.

Next appt: Thursday, November 7th for my 37 week check-up.  They’ll test me at that appointment for Group B Strep and possibly dilation?  This guy is sitting so high though that I doubt he wants to come out any earlier than he has to.

And because my father would be very unhappy if there wasn’t another picture of Remy, here she is working for a treat given to me by a coworker.  What a cutie!


Have a great week and Happy Halloween!!  

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2 Responses to 35 Weeks – Halloween!

  1. Lee says:

    Your costumes are awesome!

  2. I love the costume! what a great idea. I am going to be an 80’s aerobic instructor. There aren’t many options being pregnant!

    PS: Remy is so cute.. I love the bacon picure.

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