33 Weeks – Painting the Nursery

How far along: 33 weeks and feeling it.

IMG_2502Look how much smaller I was just 3 weeks ago at 30 weeks!


How big is baby:  Our little guy is the size of a durian.  The only reason I even know what the heck that is is from watching The Travel Channel.  He’s now ranging from 17.2-18.7 inches long and 4.2-5.8 lbs in weight.  He’s keeping his eyes wide open while he’s awake, coordinating breathing with suckling and swallowing, his bones are hardening, and his brain is going through major developments.  We’re hoping for a smarty pants.

Total weight gain: Let’s say between 15-17 lbs as of last week.  At the rate I’m growing I’m sure the lbs are piling up quickly these days.

Maternity clothes/pregnancy items bought: I actually bought two more pants today at Target.  I was in desperate need of full paneled work pants since the weather will supposedly get colder at some point.  It’s still 80 degrees out down here in Georgia and I’m craving me some autumn weather BIG TIME!  I also bought maternity leggings that might just become my uniform next month.  They are ridiculously comfortable.  Why have I waited so long to buy these?

Sleep:  Aside from constant bathroom trips and wildly vivid dreams, I’m still sleeping like a baby and try to take naps on the weekends.

Best moment of the week:  I don’t talk much about work on here but it’s been going really well lately and making me feel more confident that I’ll be able to perform well after maternity leave.  I know my bosses have a lot of confidence in me and that means a lot!

Another fun thing this week was that JP and I met with a doula.  My OB has strongly encouraged us to get one if I want to avoid pain meds and C-Section.  I was really happy with the doula we met with and will most likely book her.  She had a fun, trusting personality, loves dogs (big plus), and is reasonably priced for having experience with 24 births.  But first I want to see how the baby’s looking at my next OB appt.  He’s been lying transversely across my abdomen.  According to my doctor 96% of babies will drop into the head’s down position before labor however I’d hate to spend the money on a doula if this kid is going nowhere.  Essentially a transverse baby = C-Section.

Food cravings:  When it comes to food, I’ve been so indifferent.  I’ll be hungry but can’t think of a single thing I want to eat.  It’s frustrating.  The only foods that have sounded good to me lately are sweets.  Last weekend I baked a pumpkin banana bread that came out so good!!


I based my recipe loosely on this one.  The only changes I made were using all whole wheat flour, egg whites instead of egg substitute, and mixing in and topping with pecans.  It was super moist and everyone at my work approved since it disappeared in 15 minutes.

And then today at Target this happened.


I’m not proud but sometimes these garbage treats have to happen!

Symptoms:  I’m definitely getting more tired these days doing simple activities and my body is feeling heavy.  For the most part I feel great but when those tired moments kick in I could curl up in a ball and crash immediately.

Movement:  I had a “moment” the other day when I got nervous that I hadn’t felt him in a while.  Of course later on that day he decided to do Irish step dancing in my uterus.  I welcomed it :-).

Exercise: My workouts have consisted predominantly of walking these days, however yesterday I went with Lee to prenatal yoga.  Lee is 23 weeks pregnant and also having a boy.  I’m really excited to have a friend who lives nearby and is so close along in her pregnancy.  It’ll be fun to have play dates down the road!  Anyway, back to the yoga…it was different.  I LOVE yoga but I’m particular.  This was  obviously very slow and focused more on breathing and stretching.  I really did enjoy it for that, however I wouldn’t consider it much of a workout.  Overall I’m glad we went and will try and incorporate some of the poses/stretches into my own workouts.

And no formal workouts have happened this weekend since we’ve been consumed by painting, which is a workout in itself.  Let me tell ya, painting is hard work.  Painting at 33 weeks pregnant is crazy.

IMG_2510I kept getting my belly dirty by rubbing up against the wall.  I wasn’t amused yet JP thought it was “cute.”  Sigh.

What I’m looking forward to:  We have some fun weekends coming up!  Next weekend my in-laws are in town and we’re excited to have visitors to our home!  And the following weekend is one of my favorite holidays…Halloween!!  JP and I take Halloween very seriously and pride ourselves on our costumes.


Back in 2007 we were playboy bunnies and in 2011 we were Olympic figure skaters.  Unfortunately this year’s costume idea isn’t very creative but we’re hoping to execute it well.

What I miss:  Running, running, running.  Especially as the weather will start to turn cool.  Running during the autumn in Boston is euphoric.  I really miss it so much so I’ll shut up now or else I’ll drone on and on…

Next appt:  October 24th…my 35 week check-up.  Crazy!  

One evening this week I parked myself outside in the backyard and got started on my thank-you notes.  I think puppy enjoyed this too!


Ok, back to painting.  Have a great week!!

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One Response to 33 Weeks – Painting the Nursery

  1. Lee says:

    Somehow I’m sore from the yoga! And yes, definitely excited that our boys will be so close in age and be friends!

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