30 Weeks

How far along: 30 Weeks!!  That just sounds so far along.  Thankfully it is since I’m running out of space.


My bowling ball.


I’d also like to add that maternity jeans are the best things ever and they might stick around a while after baby boy is on the outside.  EVERYTHING should be made stretchy.

I’m pretty amazed at how much I’ve grown in just 8 weeks!  This is 22 vs. 30 weeks.


How big is baby:  Our baby is a cucumber at 30 weeks.  He’s still ranging from 15.2-16.7 inches long and 2.5-3.8 lbs in weight.  At this point in pregnancy his skin is getting smoother, yet his brain is getting wrinklier.  He’s also strong enough to grasp a finger.  Being that he’s playing soccer with my placenta inside my stomach, I believe it.

Total weight gain: Will find out Oct. 3rd.

Maternity clothes/pregnancy items bought: I personally have not bought anything and I’m doing my best NOT to open presents for my shower as they arrive on our doorstep, but when I saw a package from my best friend Jamie in California I knew that I had to open it immediately!  Her and her mom sent over the SWEETEST outfits for our little boy.  She’s having a little girl just 2-3 week after me.  Hope our kids don’t mind arranged marriage ;-).

Sleep:  Sleep is still going strong.  My only complaint is that I wish I was getting more of it.  You think I could spend my lunch break at work napping at my desk?  I’m sure that wouldn’t freak people out any more than me using my exercise ball as a chair a few hours every day lol.

Another thing about sleep is the physical act of getting up.  For the most part I don’t actually feel pregnant.  I feel light on my feet when I move around despite my big belly except for getting out of bed.  Then I feel like I weigh 300 lbs.  There’s something about lying down that makes me feel HUGE!  And don’t even start me on changing sleep positions.

Best moment of the week:  My coworkers threw me a surprise baby shower at work which was so sweet and heartwarming!!!  They got me a very generous gift card to Buy Buy Baby and a carrot cake (thanks to JP for tipping them off on my fave cake) from Piece of Cake in Buckhead.  If you’re ever flying through the ATL airport (and you know you are) then head to Terminal A to check one of their locations out.  Sure the piece I ate was 1,000 calories…WORTH IT!


While I wish I could stay home with my boy after he’s born every day, at least I’ll be surrounded by amazing people when I do have to go back to work.

Food cravings:  Pizza and spicy.  Yes, spicy is a food now.  JP had a plan to make homemade grilled salsa last weekend and holy cow, this came amazing.

We started with grilling up plum tomatoes, a green pepper, red onion, garlic and HOT AS HELL Thai chili peppers from our backyard.


Post grilling…


And after we mashed it all together with added lime juice and cilantro.  We only used two of those tiny chili peppers in the entire vat of salsa and it packed some crazy heat.  This recipe will have to be a redo!


Symptoms:  Round ligament pain still lingering while walking, constant running to the bathroom due to my currently squooshed bladder, and increased exhaustion this week.  

Movement:  While movement this week hasn’t exactly increased in frequency, it’s definitely increased in strength.  Our little guy ain’t so little anymore!

Exercise: This week hasn’t been the greatest for workouts.  Works has been crazy and yesterday I took a solid rest day since I was getting my hair done in the morning and who wants to get sweaty after that.  But this morning I’m going to attempt a walk to downtown and fit in workouts on my lunch breaks this week with the exception of Tuesday and Friday.  Tuesday my boss and I are taking a candidate out to lunch (the fun part of the job) and Friday I’ll be in NY!!

What I’m looking forward to:  Obviously my baby shower in less than a week!  And while I’m gone JP will be starting on fixing up the nursery.  So excited to see the finished product.  We’re putting in crown molding, wainscoting and shadow boxes.  And by “We” and I mean JP ;-).  I will be helping with the painting though!!  Which reminds me, JP can you buy me a face mask at Home Depot?  I know you’re reading this ;-).

What I miss:  Solid workouts.  They’re pretty sad and pathetic at this point.

And obviously some season goodies…


Next appt:  October 3rd!

And here’s our first baby waiting for her daddy to get home.  I’ve never seen such joy as when JP walks through that door and she starts crying.  So sweet.


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4 Responses to 30 Weeks

  1. Lee says:

    Have you ever had the white chocolate cake from Piece of Cake? That’s my favorite. Now I need cake.

  2. ROBBBB DAWG says:

    Your blog is just adorable….I am loving this…And you look so GOOD! Can’t get over it…Yous should really continue blogging after the doodie is born! You might just find yourself successful in a convenient,SIDE business! HEY-o!!

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