29 Weeks – Childbirth Class Review

How far along: 29 weeks!  I think once I hit 30 next week it will sound a lot more real.  But judging from how big my stomach is, it’s pretty real already!



Maybe I should start using a real camera for this instead of my phone.  These pics are uber blurry!

Before going to bed the other night I started to worry where in the world I would put the rest of him.


And yes, I’ve been sleeping in JP’s boxers since nothing else fits me these days.

How big is baby:  At 29 weeks our baby is now an acorn squash.  He’s ranging from 15.2-16.7 inches long and 2.5-3.8 lbs in weight.  He’s putting on a lot more fat which is giving him more energy and I believe it.  I got punched or kicked so hard from him this week I actually let out a loud, audible “aaaah” at work haha.  I’m pretty sure I scared my coworker in the kitchen.

Total weight gain: Up 3 more lbs from my 24 week appt putting me at a total of 14.  Yet my doc’s records have me at 12.  Not sure what they’re measuring from but they’re very happy with my weight gain to date and say that I’m right on schedule and healthy.  Guess all of those sweets this past month haven’t hurt me too much.  That’s reason enough to carry on, right?! 🙂

Maternity clothes/pregnancy items bought: Nothing new this week, although I tested out my jeans at childbirth class yesterday and they are super comfy.  For the most part they stayed tight (I hate loose jeans) but did get a bit saggy in the behind.  It’s a problem I’ve always had.  I just don’t have a booty.  Damn!

We also put to use Remy’s Giant’s jersey that no longer fits her and hung it in the nursery.  Our son is already getting hand-me-downs.


Sleep:  I am waking up a lot more frequently through the night these days.  And since I can only sleep on my sides my hips and shoulders start to kill me.  I could really use the relief of turning onto my stomach (that ain’t happening) or my back (I can’t breathe with my heavy belly weighing down).  11 more weeks right?  Well, I guess it could be 13 if I go over.

Best moment of the week:  Yesterday JP and I attended our childbirth class and I really loved it!  It was taught by a doula and she took us through so much information it was a little overwhelming.  I think the big takeaways were:

-A lot of labor is mental.  I could really relate to that from running marathons.  It’s all about the mindset you go into things with.  That is why being distracted with breathing techniques/focal points and focusing on one contraction at a time is so important rather than thinking how can I do this for hours on end?

-The last place you want to labor is lying down on your back.  You want to be up and about, moving around, and finding the most comfortable position for you.  Even during pushing I should try other positions before crowning.

-When giving birth in a hospital you have to be your own advocate.  One intervention snowballs into many interventions and if you don’t need any, why bother.  Our bodies were meant to do this.  I hope to stay at home as long as possible to labor before getting into the hospital.

-It’s a TEAM effort.  During 2 of my marathons JP ran 5 miles with me during the hardest part.  She also helped me train for the NY marathon and went on every single long run with me.  Having his support and encouragement was so crucial for my success and I know it will be the same during labor.  When my motivation and belief in myself falters I will need him to pick me up…and give good back massages!! 😉

-You have to be flexible.  Things might not go as planned.  Well, they WON’T go as planned.  So I have to be ready to do whatever is best for the health of me and the baby.

I also had an awesome doctor’s appointment on Thursday afternoon with my favorite doctor.  He couldn’t be more supportive of my wishes for a natural labor, gave me great advice, offered to edit my birth plan and told me to stay home as long as possible.  He said “we like to tinker with you at the hospital so stay away haha.  Stay at home and eat/drink.”  While he doesn’t care if you eat in early labor, a lot of doctors might.

Food cravings:  Here’s last week’s white chicken chili:


I loved it.  JP thought it was a bit bland so I’ll have to tinker around with it next time.  But this recipe is a keeper!

And to continue with the trend of eating sweets, my coworker made slutty brownies for my boss’s bday.  They were as amazing as ever!


And yes, those are birthday cake oreos.

I guess I caught the baking bug since I decided to make something indulgent for a going away party we’re attending tonight.  This would be a chocolate chunk cookie sandwich cake with frosting.  Mmmmmm….

photo (4)

Food aversions:  I should really get rid of this point now.

Symptoms:  Round ligament pain came back with a vengeance on my walk today :-(.  It’s getting old!  I’ve also started having what I think are Braxton Hicks.  I get an uncomfortable tightening in my stomach and my breathing becomes labors.  They don’t happen too often and they’re not painful at all, just uncomfortable.  I usually just sit back, relax, and breathe deeply when they happen and they go away quickly.

Movement:  Lots more kicking than ever before, especially right before falling asleep.  It keeps me up a bit but I love it!

Exercise: This week was crazy at work (in a good way) so I didn’t get nearly as many workouts in as I prefer.  But I did get in a few walks and some workout videos.  I hope to get some more gym time in next week though since weight lifting still feels pretty good.

What I’m looking forward to:  My baby shower and seeing friends and family in NY!!!

What I miss:  My own tummy time lol.

Next appt:  Another highlight from my doc appointment was that since I’m very healthy I only need to come in every 3 weeks as opposed to every 2.  I’ll take it!  So I head back on October 3rd for my 31/32 week appt!

And since Remy loves to close things out, here she is chewing sticks while enjoying her new FENCED IN backyard!

IMG_2373 IMG_2384

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3 Responses to 29 Weeks – Childbirth Class Review

  1. Lee says:

    I haven’t even thought about labor and actually giving birth yet. Seems so far away…

  2. You look great!! I liked reading the section about the natural birth and a lot of it being mental. I am taking the same route and it was really encouraging to read this post! I am staying flexible with my plan too, but I know you can do it!!

    • pspring55 says:

      Thanks Kelly! I’m also trying to stay flexible since I think if you go into it being rigid that’s when nothing will go your way. But it’s hard not to have a picture of how you think your labor will go. Good luck!!

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