28 Weeks & Happy 4 Years!

This past Friday, September 6th was my 4 year anniversary.


I cannot believe how quickly the past 4 years have gone by and just how much our lives have changed.


I said this when we got married and I’ll say it again…there are so many difficult decisions to make in life, but marrying JP was the easiest decision I have ever had to make.  We are both far from perfect people, but we’re perfect for each other.


And a few more from our amazing day:

0471 0334 0086 0079

And my FAVORITE pic of the night of my Uncle getting down…


Ok, enough of the sappy stuff!  Back to pregnancy and all the gory details ;-).

How far along: 28 weeks.  I hit the 7 month mark!  Ok, so technically pregnancy is 10 months if you go until 40 weeks.  JP things that since it goes until 10 months and most people think 9 he just tells people I’m 6 months.  He better watch it and not jip me of that extra month if he knows what’s good for him lol.

Here I am this week with a costar:


God bless Lululemon and their stretchy tops.  And thank you Manasi for this one!

And just to prove I don’t only wear workout clothes…


How big is baby:  At 28 weeks baby boy is now an eggplant.  He’s ranging anywhere from 13.6- 14.8 inches long and 1.5 -2.2 lbs in weight (still not changing).  He’s starting to put on more fat this week and his lungs are developed enough that if he was born right now he’d probably survive.  Of course we want him to stay put for a while longer, but that’s reassuring to know!

Total weight gain: I’ll get more information at my doctor’s appointment this week on that and hoping it’s something reasonable since I feel like all I do is eat these days.

Maternity clothes/pregnancy items bought: I just got my first pair of maternity jeans!  This would definitely have happened earlier except that it’s so damn hot down here in Georgia that putting on jeans still won’t be happening for some time.  The real reason I ran out to get them today is since I’ll be flying to NY in a few weeks for my shower I knew I’d need them up there.  I went to the Lenox Mall in Buckhead and hit up Gap Maternity for some skinnies.  They’re super cute and fit like a glove!

Sleep:  Awesome.  The only thing not great about is that I wish I could get more of it after my alarm goes off in the morning for work during the week or when I have a puppy in my face on the weekends.

I would ALWAYS walk Remy in the mornings on the weekends because I am that obnoxious morning person who loves being up early, but lately JP has been walking her and letting me sleep in.  I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate this.  But this morning I knew I wanted to get an early workout in so I took Remy out and got to enjoy the morning sky.


This, to me, is reason enough to get up early.  And this is why I’m crazy.

Best moment of the week:  Getting surprised at work with anniversary flowers!! 


So the florist screwed up and was supposed to deliver my flowers on Friday but instead did so on Tuesday.  So that meant a 2nd delivery on Friday haha.


Since it was Friday I made sure to take these babies home with me.  Safety first!


And of course the other highlight was last night and going out to celebrate 4 years with JP at Georgia Grille.  Inspired by painter Georgia O’Keeffe, this Buckhead restaurant has a Southwest flair in both decor and food.  We started off with margaritas and chips and jalapeno salsa.

Mine was virgin of course.


We split a whole bunch of things (the chili relleno was amazing) and their signature lobster enchiladas.


This was decadent and amazing.  My only complaint was that we were already too full to enjoy it.  I took home half and it was just as delish for lunch.

During dinner we also enjoyed the 2nd half of the Georgia football game (they won!).  When in Rome…

Food cravings:  After hearing my coworker and entire office talk up this white chicken chili recipe I knew it had to happen on our first football Sunday of the season.  Granted it’s still in the mid 80’s down here, but I can at least pretend it’s fall.  

Our previous owners had a million hot pepper plants in our backyard and we decided this was the perfect time to try some out.  JP went out back to pick a red and a green pepper.
IMG_2351 IMG_2352

JP was the taste tester since it’s probably best I don’t blindly try hot chili peppers while pregnant.  From the look on JP’s face I think these would’ve sent me into early labor.

This happened quickly afterwards.


We decided those two little peppers would be more than enough to cook throughout the giant crockpot of chili.  And now it’s cooking away and making the house smell all nice and autumny.  Excited to try it later!

Food aversions:  None and I don’t think this will be changing anytime soon.

Symptoms:  My round ligament pain has subsided tremendously and I was able to enjoy a few walks with my coworker this week pain-free.  But I am noticing that I’m getting tired much easier these days and I’ve been having the dreaded 3rd trimester morning sickness.  For some reason I get so nauseous after eating breakfast at work.  I hope this goes away since it has not been fun!

Movement:  Same as usual.  He likes to kick around 10am and then later in the evening when I go to bed.  Yup little guy, I know you’re there!

Exercise: A bit more walking this week which was so nice!  I missed being outside.  And this morning I did a Jillian Michael’s workout dvd with a ton of modifications.  I was getting tired of the same old videos and have to spice it up a bit without a gym.  Even with modifying half the workout and not doing any of the real jumpy cardio moves I was POOPED afterwards.  She makes a mean workout video!

What I’m looking forward to:  Our childbirth class this Saturday (again) and my shower at the end of the month!  Remy is looking forward to getting a fenced in yard within the next week or two.

IMG_2336 IMG_2337

She needs to spread her puppy paws without a leash.  I think her mommy and daddy are more excited about this fence than she is ;-).

What I miss:  Margaritas WITH tequila in them.  Yeah, it’s a lot better that way.

Next appt:  This Thursday afternoon :-).

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