27 Weeks & A Long Weekend

How far along: 27 weeks and officially in the 3rd Trimester with exactly 3 months until my due date and 10 weeks until I’m full-term)!  I’m amazed at how fast the 2nd tri flew by since the 1st seemed to drag on and on (and on).  Perhaps it was because I found out I was pregnant so damn early?  And I felt like crap?  Yeah, that’s probably it.  The 2nd tri was very good to me though.  Lots of energy, lots of good workouts, and back to eating like a normal person (i.e. not eating soup and bread for every meal).

Here I am this week:

photo (2)

And one with better lighting and not a dirty mirror (guess I forgot to clean that after the move)…


How big is baby:  At 27 weeks he’s now the size of a rutabaga?  I don’t even think I’d recognize a rutabaga if I saw one.  He’s ranging anywhere from 13.6- 14.8 inches long and 1.5 -2.5 lbs in weight (same as last week).  During this week bambino is practicing breathing with amniotic fluid and even showing brain activity.  Maybe that’s why he was punching me to get out while his daddy was doing his fantasy football draft?  God help me.  I’ve already lost control of the TV and he’s not even born yet.  At least Remy likes The Real Housewives too?!

Total weight gain:  I should get more definitive numbers in another 2 weeks at my 28 week check-up.

Maternity clothes/pregnancy items bought: Well, my belly band showed up.  Remember that ugly as hell thing I showed you last week?

Guess what?  It didn’t work :-P.  It may have held off the round ligament pain for a little while during my walk, but it came back just as strong as ever but now I was wearing a tight, sweaty belt under my workout clothes on top of the shooting pains on both sides of my belly.  Um yeah, not cool.

On the bright side, our nursery furniture was delivered this weekend!  The delivery men actually pulled up just as I was waddling back into our neighborhood from the above mentioned walk looking rather grumpy and defeated.  At least the furniture cheered me up!  We got a set from Georgia Baby & Kids on sale that included a crib, changing table with hutch (that’s now in the closet until after I no longer need the changing table for that function), and a tall dresser that JP had moved into our room for his clothes.  Ironically it matches our bedroom furniture perfectly.  Anyway, here’s the crib:


I can’t wait to put our Pottery Barn Kids bedding in there that I registered for!  I’m holding off on opening any gifts until after the shower though.  It’s been hard…real hard.

Sleep:  While I do get up a million times during the night to pee, last night was a mini victory.  I only got up once at 5am so that was probably my longest uninterrupted sleep in months!

Best moment of the week:  This entire long weekend has been awesome.  I kicked it off by working from home on Friday with the cutest coworker ever!


JP also came home early on Friday which was nice!  We went out to dinner a couple of times, took care of a ton of household chores (who knew vacuuming could leave you winded?), and enjoyed a late night froyo run with puppy last night.

Funny story…while I was inside getting Remy and my froyo (yes, she gets a tiny plain) JP was outside talking with two young families.  JP was talking about how I was due in December since another woman was also due then and they were asking a bunch of questions about me.  Then one woman asks “How old is she?”  To JP’s defense they were JUST talking about me.  He felt rather confused by this forwardness and replies “31?”  Well, they meant Remy.  But now they know a lot more about me lol.

I also got to see JP’s lab before going out to dinner on Saturday.  My mad scientist:


He didn’t enjoy the paparazzi.  At least I had the “stress relief” drawer to amuse me…


Another fun highlight of the week was on Tuesday.  Norcross has a weekly Farmer’s Market that will be ending at the end of this month.  I decided to head downtown after work and take Remy with me.


She was kind of happy to join along!!  I picked up some fresh peaches, a peach habanero jam, and a fun baked good that didn’t last very long.

The Farmer’s Market takes place right by Thrasher Park which is a quick mile from our house.  I drove there with Remy but look forward to walks next spring/summer with our boy and eventually playtime on the playground.


There are also a ton of fun events happening throughout the year.  I’m excited to check them out next year once we’re more settled in.


Food cravings:  BBQ!  We finally have a backyard again and couldn’t wait to get outside and grill up some veggie kabobs, corn on the cob, and burgers (unpictured).

photo (3)

If you’re looking for an awesome bbq sauce then I highly recommend Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce.  It’s mustard based, but not overwhelmingly “mustardy.”  JP doesn’t even like mustard and he loved this!

Food aversions:  None still :-).

Symptoms:  Round ligament pain has been the worst of it this week.  Not much else to complain about except the extreme tightening I feel when the baby gets scrunched up around my belly button.  My stomach will feel as hard as a rock when he pushes himself into a strange position but it usually only lasts a couple of minutes.  Then he repositions and I can finally breathe again.

Movement:  To be honest, he’s not that active of a baby.  For the most part he’s pretty chill in there.  I do get kicks and flutters throughout the day, but not that many.  Maybe he’ll keep up this awesome sleep schedule after delivery???  Wishful thinking I suppose.

Exercise: With the round ligament pain kicking in pretty strong this week I’ve been spending less time walking/jogging and more time doing workout videos and the elliptical/weights at the the gym.  During those exercises I feel absolutely no pain thankfully!

I tried out another workout dvd yesterday morning that I really enjoyed.  It wasn’t as good at my Barre workout dvd (which I’m trying to motivate myself to do after I finish up this post) but a nice change of pace and good focus on upper body strength work with a resistance band.

What I’m looking forward to:  Our childbirth class!  It’s in 2 weeks and I’m excited to learn more about coping mechanism and natural pain relief during labor.  I think JP knows more about this than I do at this point from reading The Birth Partner.  Supposedly it’s required reading for doulas in training.  Maybe if the science thing doesn’t work out? lol

We have an exercise ball that’s supposed to be very helpful while laboring.  JP was showing me how he’s supposed to help me balance on it while I labor and then I had a funny thought of me rolling off the “birthing ball” while 9/10 months pregnant, HUGE, and in labor.  I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard.  At least I’m easily amused these days.  Don’t even get me started on Snap Chat!  My sister and I are 5 years old in our maturity level with this app!

What I miss:  Now that I can barely walk for exercise it’s safe to say I am REALLY missing running these days.  And last night while JP and I were prepping food for the bbq I could have really gone for a glass of crisp glass of white wine (or 2).  Soon enough though :-).

Next appt:  September 12th!

Now time to cheer up this sullen puppy on a rainy Labor Day here in Georgia.


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4 Responses to 27 Weeks & A Long Weekend

  1. Lauren says:

    We just used the same sauce on our pulled pork that we made. It is delicious! Miss you!

    • pspring55 says:

      Isn’t that sauce so good?! I’m obsessed and will even use it as a dipping sauce for veggies (or anything edible).

      Miss you too! We’re watching the Giants game and I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since we went to the game together. Crazy!

  2. Hey Heather!

    Where did you get your pregnancy support belt? Do you like it? I am looking for one but trying to find a good deal.

    • pspring55 says:

      Hi Kelly! I got the Gabrialla belt off of amazon. It wasn’t too expensive (around $25). I was a bit disappointed with it at first since it didn’t get rid of my round ligament pain at all, but since I’m getting bigger and the belt is hence getting smaller (haha) it’s working a lot better! Good luck finding one!!

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