25 & 26 Weeks + A New House!

How far along: 26 weeks!  We’re almost in the 3rd trimester which is very hard to believe.  Although judging by the size of my belly, it’s not THAT hard to believe.  I feel like I’m giant already.  In the words of my mother, “You’re huge for 6 months!” She’s lucky she cleaned my entire house and told me I didn’t look pregnant from behind ;-).

Here I was last week at 25 weeks on moving morning:

25 WeeksAnd here I am now at 26 weeks:

26 WeesHow big is baby:  At 26 weeks he’s now the size of a head of lettuce.  He’s ranging anywhere from 13.6- 14.8 inches long and 1.5 -2.5 lbs in weight.  At my 24 week appointment he was measuring right on schedule at 1lb 11oz.  I’m assuming he’s hit 2 lbs by this point.  At this stage in development his eyes are forming and will soon open, eyelashes are grown (and will probably be nice and long like his mommy and daddy’s), his immune systems is getting ready for life outside the womb, and he’s starting to take his first breaths.  Granted they’re of amniotic fluid, but this helps train his lungs to function after delivery.

Total weight gain:  I was pretty surprised about this one.  I stepped on the scale at the doctor’s office assuming I’d be up 3-4.  My appetite has been on fire this past month and I’ve been a lot more generous with my snacking.  However I was only up 1 lb. since my last appt 4 1/2 weeks prior.  So I’m now at a total of 11 lbs gained.  No one seemed concerned at all and told me that it’s perfectly healthy to have gained 1 lb and to just wait.  I’ll be putting it on FAST as soon as I hit the 3rd tri so enjoy it now.

Maternity clothes/pregnancy items bought: This week I bit the bullet and bought a belly support belt.  Specifically the Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt.

It ain’t pretty but if it helps alleviate some of the round ligament pain I’m having during my workouts, it’ll be worth the hideous fashion statement.  It got good reviews on Amazon and I’m just hoping it does the trick for me.  I’ll start getting pain after just a 1/2 mile of slow walking.  Not cool.  I’ve also heard it lifts the uterus off of the bladder.  We all know I can use that relief as well!

Sleep:  Aside from waking up 2-3 times a night to use the bathroom, sleep is still going strong.  This little guy has taken to kicking when his mama is trying to fall asleep.  It’s not that it keeps me up from the movement, but more so that I love feeling it so much that I force myself to stay awake.  At least he also kicks in the morning!

Best moment of the week: That’s easy…moving into our new house!!!!

Moving day arrived bright and early last Saturday morning.

Moving Day

The weather was cold and dreary (I swear we live in Atlanta and not Boston anymore).  My mom was down the entire long weekend to help out and I am eternally grateful for this!!!  I was beyond exhausted despite the multiple breaks I took.  My mom powered through and unpacked nearly the entire kitchen, cleaned our entire apartment after moving out and recleaned the house after move-in.  She also had dinner waiting for us when we got home from work on Monday.  The move really wore me out, but without my mom’s help I can’t imagine how exhausted I would’ve been.  And obviously JP worked straight through…all day, every day.  Between unpacking, putting stuff together, etc. he didn’t stop.  At one point I felt guilty lounging on the couch with my feet propped up while JP was working and my mom was cleaning, but not that bad ;-).  They kept yelling at me to take a break so I was just listening to them lol.

One person who was NOT IMPRESSED with the move…

Remy Couch

She put on her best McKayla Maroney face haha.

We’re still in the process of getting the house settled but I plan to take more pics once things are all set up.  But here’s a sneak peak inside the nursery:

NurseryI cannot handle the cuteness!!!

Another great thing about our house is the neighborhood.  I’ve already met several other couples who live here who are beyond nice.  Our next door neighbors happen to be pregnant with their 1st so that’s exciting to know our little boy will have a friend.  And there’s a 9 month old boy who lives around the corner, as well as multiple other families with young kids.

Last night we were also invited over to a bbq/birthday party by our across the street neighbors who are so sweet.  They are our age (well, a few years younger but who’s counting) and very friendly, offering to provide any help if we need it.  They just moved in a few weeks ago too but are more native to the area.

Food cravings:  When there’s visitors, there’s lots of eating.  These are less my cravings than my mom’s.  Seriously.

We started off with Mary Mac’s on Friday night for authentic Southern food.

Mary Macs

This was just the starter basket.  I literally could’ve rolled myself out of the place.  But ya know what?  Worth it!  This place is reason alone to visit Atlanta.  So get your asses down here people.

My mom wanted good unpacking fuel for the morning of the move so naturally we drove over to Sublime Donuts at 6:30am to be there bright and early when they opened.

SublimeUnfortunately they looked way better than they tasted.  I’ve heard there are better donut joints in the city.  But let me tell ya, it was hardly torture eating these.

And thanks to the rainy weather ALL WEEKEND LONG we decided a baking project was in order.  So slutty brownies it was!  I got this recipe off of one of my favorite blogs and they do not disappoint.  What can be wrong with cookies, oreos and brownies all in one?

Slutty BrowniesAfter last weekend I think it’s safe to say I’m up more than 1 lb!  It felt amazing to get back to normal eating this past week after a gluttonous weekend though.

Food aversions:  None!!

Symptoms:  Round ligament pain, leg cramps at night, sore feet when I’m on them for too long…all a pain in the butt but all totally worth it.

Movement:  It’s been picking up a ton this week!!!

Exercise: Despite the round ligament pain, I’m still at it but with a lot more breaks.  Last weekend I went out on a walk through historic Norcross.  Beautiful craftsman style homes and trees line the street on my 1 mile walk to the downtown area.

Norcross PoleI feel lucky to have moved to such a cute little town where JP and I can take our son out to play and walk around.

And now that I have no more free apartment gym (sad day) I am using my work gym a lot more.

GymI get quite a few stares while in there working out.  Not sure if it’s judgement or “you go girl” stares, but it’s all good.  Working out has kept me sane this pregnancy and feeling as good as I have for the past 26 weeks.

What I’m looking forward to:  Our nursery furniture is being delivered next weekend!!  JP and I were saying just how REAL it’s going to feel looking into that room and seeing a crib and changing table.

What I miss:  Breathing through my nose.  I seemed to have caught a head cold from my coworker but thankfully I’m fighting it off.  I’ve avoiding any medication and I’m focusing on extra sleep, drinking tea, eating oranges…all that good stuff.  I also had a green smoothie for lunch for some extra nutrition.  Let’s hope I wake up tomorrow morning ready to go to work and not ready to die.

Next appt:  September 12th with my favorite doctor.  I go to the Emory Clinic so I often see a wide variety of doctors, however for my 28 week check-up I’ll be with the original doc who helped me get pregnant in the first place.  I haven’t been able to see him due to all the ultrasounds I’ve needed at the other location.  It’ll be so nice to see him now that I’m looking full on pregnant and thank him again.

Have a great week (from the 4 of us)…

House House 2

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4 Responses to 25 & 26 Weeks + A New House!

  1. Lee says:

    Cute family pic! That’s fun that there are kids in your neighborhood. There are literally like none in mine for some reason.

  2. Lauren says:

    You look adorable! Love, Love, Love!

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