23 Weeks

How far along: 23 weeks!

iphone photos August 2013 022

And here are some comparisons since I was having fun with the Pic Stitch app.

14 weeks compared to 23 weeks:

iphone photos August 2013 033

15 weeks compared to 22 weeks:

iphone photos August 2013 017

How big is baby:  This week he’s a grapefruit, which seems smaller than a papaya last week but who am I to argue with The Bump?  He’s ranging anywhere from 10.5- 11.8 inches long and 12.7-20.8 ounces in weight.  His cute little face is fully formed and he’s actively listening to my voice and heartbeat.  I’m sure my neighbors think I’m a bit crazytown as I talk to him while walking Remy after work.  But that’s ok since we’re moving in two weeks ;-)!

Total weight gain:  Still not sure but I’ve been enjoying my food this past week!

Maternity clothes/pregnancy items bought:  This week I received 2 new books in the mail.  One for me and one for JP.

I just started reading mine:

I’m only about 50 pgs in so far but I’m loving it!  The first half of the book is all about natural birth stories told in a way that’s meant to inspire and not instill fear.  By no means do they sugarcoat labor and say that it’s not painful, however they focus on the pain as being more purposeful and stressing that this is what your body is meant to do.

Many of the births in this book take place on “The Farm” with a ridiculously low C-Section rate (something like 1%) compared to the nation’s approx. 33% rate.  That got me thinking about my hospital’s stats.  At first I was bummed I wouldn’t be delivering at the esteemed Northside Hospital since it’s Atlanta’s #1 labor and delivery hospital for number of babies delivered (or so I hear since I have no stats to back this up lol).  But their c-section rate is ridiculously high!!  Somewhere between 30-40%.  I looked into my hospital (Emory Midtown) and they’re closer to 15%.  They also have a brand new renovated Labor & Delivery ward with nice big private rooms, each has a tub or shower, a top notch neonatal NICU (just in case), and no nursery since the baby stays with you the entire time.  And they provide lactation consultants, which I know many hospitals do nowadays.  Yes, it’s not the most convenient location for parking, but I couldn’t be happier with where I’ll be delivering and the level of care I’ve received so far from all of the Emory doctors!

Here’s the book I got for JP:

He’s being a good sport and agreed to read this as soon as he finishes submitting his grant.  Hope it’s worthwhile since I’ve heard good things about it!

Baby and I have also been loving the new couch we bought last weekend!!

iphone photos August 2013 019

I  can’t wait until the entire thing is set up.  It’s just too darn big for our apartment.

Sleep:  Still sleeping like a baby.  Nothing new there.

Best moment of the week: Having JP finally feel the baby kick was pretty awesome.  I know he didn’t doubt that he was moving, but it’s completely different to feel it for yourself.  He was getting pretty active after dinner the other night and once I felt the first movement I immedately grabbed JP’s hand and he felt the next couple.  I’m sure he’ll be able to feel lots more movement soon enough since he’s getting bigger and bigger in there!

Food cravings:  There might have been some Chipotle and BBQ enjoyed this week.  Just sayin.  And as always, I could eat pizza for just about any meal of the day.  Thankfully we are good about not eating out during the week.  That is the ONLY reason I haven’t been having it more.

Food aversions:  Still none and grateful for that!

Symptoms:  I’m starting to get leg cramps during the night.  This is nothing new to me since I used to get charley horses all the time, especially during my running days.  My dad gets them badly all the time too so I figured pregnancy would leave me with plenty of cramping.  At least I can still jump out of bed fast and walk it off.  Not sure how easy that will be once I’m large and in charge (well, more larger and in charger?).

Movement:  He loves kicking around 9 or 10 am at work.  I tend to sit at my desk with my hand on my stomach anyway since I’m starting to get a big squeezed in so I feel him all the time.

Exercise: I’m still working out consistently and this morning did an hour of the barre dvd I talked about a couple of weeks ago.  My legs will be feeling this!  Can I also count packing?  Yesterday after going for a morning jog/walk on top of walking Remy and then going food shopping I tried to do some packing and was exhausted!  I did a few boxes and had to sit down and put my legs up.  Even though I still consider myself in good shape I have to remember my limitations.  This made me so incredibly grateful that my mom will be down here to help us unpack.

What I’m looking forward to:  Seeing some family!  This weekend my in-laws are staying with us and bringing some more boxes.  And then my mom comes down the following weekend for the big move.  I’m also so excited to see our house again and get settled in!

What I miss:  I really miss being able to work out intensely.  I’m constantly stopping to walk on my jogs at the first sign of discomfort.  He must get himself into an awkward position for me because I’ll have a strange cramp out of nowhere.  And even though I have a ton of energy, I have to slow my pace and listen to my body since I’m jogging for two.  To get excited I’ve started researching Crossfit gyms nearby our home.  Guess we’ll see about that come next year!

Next appt:  August 16th, which is getting closer and closer.  Excited to see the lil munchkin again!

And because she’s so darn cute, Remy would like to say goodbye!

iphone photos August 2013 027

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  1. Lauren DeMouth says:

    I want pics of the new couch!!!! Lol.

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