21 Weeks – Prenatal Workout DVDs

How far along: 21 weeks and our lil boy is moving up a storm finally!

iphone photos July 2013 016

How big is baby:  This week baby’s a pomegranate at 10.5 inches long and about 12.7 ounces in weight.  At this point in pregnancy he’s swallowing amniotic fluid and his taste buds are starting to work.  Studies show that baby’s will be interested in the foods you eat during pregnancy afterw they’re born.  More motivation to eat my veggies and avoid too many sweets and junk.  And if he’s anything like his daddy was as a child, he’ll be uber picky.  So I already have the odds stacked against me!

We had a prenatal appointment on Monday and our big anatomy scan ultrasound which showed a very healthy (and big) baby boy.

iphone photos July 2013 003

iphone photos July 2013 002

I’ll spare you (and him) the picture of his junk and let you trust us that it’s a boy.  JP also told me I wasn’t allowed to post that on the internet lol.  I tend to be inappropriate at times (which many of you know).

Because his arms were crossed over his chest I have to have another ultrasound next visit.  I’m getting spoiled!  I’m trying to schedule that ultrasound for a day that my mom is in town visiting.

And he’s measuring 1 week ahead due to his long limbs lol.  He was also projected to be 13 0z. already at 20 weeks.  My fears are coming true and this is gonna be a BIG baby.

Total weight gain:  This past month I gained 3 putting me at a total of 10 lbs.   The doctor said I’m right on track and where I should be so I’m happy.

Maternity clothes/pregnancy items bought:  Nothing new this week believe it or not.  I’m keeping the credit card at bay!

Sleep:  It’s going great this week.  With my tooth pain gone from my root canal this past Wednesday (which was the most pain free procedure I’ve ever had done and nearly feel asleep in the chair) sleep is going so well.  Of course I always get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom but that’s a given!

Best moment of the week: Atlanta has been having AWFUL weather.  I guess I shouldn’t complain too much since you northerners are battling terrible heat.  Meanwhile all we’ve gotten down here is rain.  Well, FINALLY it was nice for literally all of 2 hours on Saturday.  JP and I took full advantage of that and lounged by the pool.

iphone photos July 2013 019

The pool at our complex is awesome.  Try and spot JP in this one…

iphone photos July 2013 020

Anyway, aside from getting in some pool time, I think one of the coolest moments of the week happened after JP went inside (of course) and I was reading on the chaise lounge.  I felt a movement, looked down, and up went a little corner of my belly. And then he proceded to kick up a few more times.  It was so awesome!  It even happened again later that day while laying on the couch and naturally JP missed it again by a second.  I’m sure it’ll happen plenty more and those little kicks will feel like giant jabs in another month or 2!

Food cravings:  This week I was craving pizza BIG time.  So on Friday night after putting off the craving all week and opting to responsibly eat in, JP, Remy and I hit up Avellino’s in Oakhurst (Decatur).  I had heard such great things about it and was excited to give it a try.  It wasn’t the greatest pizza and I still prefer Fellini’s any day of the week, but even bad pizza is good if ya know what I mean.  And naturally we couldn’t keep our grubby hands off it long enough to take a picture.

iphone photos July 2013 012

Food aversions:  None at all!

Symptoms:  Nothing new.  I had a bad day this week where I woke up off, was exhausted all day, had another headache and all I wanted to do was take a nap.  I doubt my boss would’ve appreciated that though.  Now if only I was a stay at home puppy mommy…

Movement:  Lot’s of poking and moving around!

Exercise: Workouts have been great again this week!  I’m still going on the usual walk/jogs with my coworker Ashleigh.  Here we are all nice and sweaty at the end of an hour.

iphone photos July 2013 026

Also, I bought 3 prenatal workout DVDs and have gotten to sample 2 so far.

The first one I tried was a Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga DVD.

I’m sorry but this was NOT for me.  I read the reviews and heard great things, but it was way too slow moving and boring.  I can see this being incorporated as I get huge in my 3rd tri, but for now I’ll stick with my usual yoga podcasts/classes and use necessary modifications.

The next dvd I cannot say enough amazing things about!!  It’s a barre style workout with Suzanne Bowen (who is in crazy shape) and is challenging enough to do after baby as well.

They focus on isolated movements using body resistance and very light weights.  Not to mention you’re looking at inspring women the entire time.  While Suzanne isn’t pregnant at the moment, her sidekick is 35 weeks along (also a Barre instructor).

iphone photos July 2013 023

It’s inspiring to see what great shape she’s in at almost full-term and how staying active and keeping up with your workouts can make the end of pregnancy so much more enjoyable.

What I’m looking forward to:  I’m really looking forward to our childbirth class in mid September.  It’s a class we’ll be taking that focuses on natural childbirth and it’s taught by a doula.  I really wanted to take The Bradley Method classes since it’s been proven to be so successful in helping women achieve a natural, unmedicated childbirth.  However it’s very time consuming (as it probably should be since they liken training for childbirth to training for a marathon) and more money than we wanted to spend.  This class will incorporate pieces of Bradley along with lamaze and other pain coping mechanisms.  It’s partner focused and I’m hoping it makes a difference in my labor!  Of course ANYTHING could happen and baby could be breath or I could need a C-Section for many other reasons, but if I can go au natural then I want to be prepared.

What I miss:  I haven’t been missing much this week.  I’m feeling good and not so pregnant despite the growing belly!

Next appt:  My next OB and ultrasound will be in mid August during my 24th week so a little ways away.

I’ll close with a funny thing that happened on Friday night at Avellino’s.  I was waiting in line for the rest room with a very nice guy who was asking when I’m due.  We chatted for a little bit and went back to our tables.  I guess this next part might be a bit contraversial and everyone is entitled to their opinion when it comes to alcohol consumption during pregnancy.  I choose not to order my own drinks, however I see nothing wrong with sampling some of JP’s sparingly.  My doctor has said it’s ok, all of my friends in the medical field say it’s ok, and both JP and I agree it’s ok to keep it minimal.  So naturally I take a few sips of JP’s beer throughout dinner.  Well that dude (rather jokingly so I can’t be too insulted) totally called me out on it.  When leaving he shouts out to us “I saw you!”  I guess it threw me off a little bit and I should get used to it if I choose to do so in public.  Any opinions on drinking while pregnant?

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5 Responses to 21 Weeks – Prenatal Workout DVDs

  1. Lee says:

    Avellinos pizza is square? Hmm. I don’t know how I feel about that. We had fun at dinner last night. Too funny that we both ended up at Yoforia after.

    • pspring55 says:

      Technically you can get an individual pie in the round. I agree, I prefer a triangle slice that I can fold up. Although JP and I just did the math and the actual square footage of pizza between the two were equal. Pizza fail!

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