19 Weeks

How far along: 19 weeks…1 more til halfway which is nuts!

iphone photos July 2013 027

I also keep meaning to give a shout out to Gillian for buying me the best workout top ever that has served well for my weekly photos.  Nothing like some spandex to show off the bump!

I also have to show off my new Boston Strong T-shirt I got while in Boston.

iphone photos July 2013 032

The baby’s already filling it out so not sure how much longer I’ll be able to squeeze into this bad boy.

iphone photos July 2013 030

How big is baby:  He’s the length of a yummy mango at about 6 inches long and about 8.5 ounces in weight.  Vernix caseosa, a greasy white substance made of lanugo, oil and dead skin cells now coats baby’s skin, shielding it from the amniotic fluid.  Sounds appetizing!

Total weight gain:  I won’t find this out until my next appointment but I’m feeling a lot bigger these days.

Ya see (view from the couch)…

iphone photos July 2013 009

Maternity clothes:  I made a trip to Gap Maternity on Friday and was so disappointed.  I was expecting a much larger section of the store but got racks of disheveled clothes.  I did leave with some dress pants and a cute lightweight sweater top.  I think from now on I’ll do my maternity shopping online!

Sleep:  Sleep has been great as always.  Nothing new here!

Best moment of the week: I think leaving work at noon on Wednesday was pretty awesome, knowing that I had a 4 day weekend ahead!  That also comes with a downside, which is that JP was gone for nearly all of it.  He’s in Tuscany for a work conference (beyooooond jealous) but I’ve got a ton accomplished this weekend and lots of QT with the puppy.

I also enjoyed a trip down memory lane this week.  These pictures are from our first year of dating.  We were babies!!!

iphone photos July 2013 018

iphone photos July 2013 017

Food cravings:  I’ve had just about zero cravings lately.  My appetite is large and in charge, but what else is new.

Food aversions:  I’m eating everything and anything :-)!

Symptoms:  I have to pee all the time.  Let me repeat: ALL THE TIME.  Whenever I run an errand I have to go right before I leave the house and then immediately once I arrive at my destitation.  This proves tricky for walks.  This morning I peed right before leaving my apartment, walk not even 2 minutes and realize I have to go again, turn around and go , and then stop halfway at a coffee shop to go one more time.  Yikes!!!  This little boy is right on my bladder and it’s not fun.

Another strange symptom I’ve been having (and sorry if this is TMI) is strong pressure in my groin that comes and goes.  It will feel like things are ::ahem:: spreading.  I think we’re a little too early for things to be moving apart.  We’ll have more than enough of that later.  It’s slowed down over the past 2 days but I plan on bringing it up at my next OB appointment.

Movement:  No and of course like every other crazy pregnant woman, this worries me.  I know this kid isn’t much of a mover as we could tell from his ultrasounds, but I worry that I should be feeling more at this point (or anything).

Gender:  Boy, and this won’t be changing since we have DNA proof from the amnio.

Exercise: Workouts have been great!  I got right back into the swing of things after our trip to NY/Boston and this weekend even took 2 yoga classes.  It felt SOOOOO good to get back into the studio and I swore to myself I’d keep it up.  I plan on ordering a good prenatal yoga dvd today since once we move in August it’ll be hard to get to my favorite spot in Atlanta.

I’ve also squeezed in a few traditional gym workouts.  For some reason I look 10 times bigger here.

iphone photos July 2013 028

What I’m looking forward to:  I know this isn’t pregnancy related, but I can’t wait for JP to come home on Friday.  We’re so lucky that we both rarely travel and get to spend a lot of time together.  My heart goes out to couples who do long distance, especially miliatry families.  I’ve become so dependent on JP too so perhaps this week alone is good for my independence.  I blew a fuse while vacuuming, had a minor panic attack and then figured out how to reset the circuit breaker before my dad could get on the phone and tell me how.  If JP wasn’t out of reach I probably would’ve called him in 5 seconds.  Instead I had to be a big girl.  It’s about time at 31 years old.

What I miss:  Running x 10.  I had been able to jog so that alleviated some of the desire, however this morning it did NOT feel right.  I started getting some cramping and decided it would be a walking day.

Next appt:  A week from Monday for my annatomy scan and OB checkup.

Time to run some Sunday errands.  Hope you all had a great holiday with family and friends!!!

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  1. jaxhubbard says:

    so so cute, as always!!!

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