17 &18 Weeks and It’s A…

…BOY!  We found out at our 16 week apointment that baby Canner is a boy!!  Aside from a normal checkup I also had an amnio.  I’m only 31 so this was not expected AT ALL.  However my first blood test came back with elevated risk for Down’s Syndrome due to my vanishing twin.  Thankfully the amnio results show a healthy baby boy.  I can’t say it was a pleasant procedure, but it wasn’t awful.  Honestly, it was way worse for JP who watched the entire thing and saw just how close the needle got to the baby and how much fluid they drew out of the sac.  I won’t go into details and embarrass him on the blog though ;-).

How far along: 18 weeks

Here I was at 17 weeks at home in NY:

June 2013 021

And here I am this morning at 18 weeks before my run (aka I powerwalk and take the occasional jogging break):

June 2013 082

The photos don’t reflect just how much bigger I feel.

How big is baby:  He’s the length of a sweet potato at about 5.6 inches long and about 6.7 ounces in weight.  A sweet potato just sounds big.  Growth is happening rapidly at this stage in pregnancy which is supposedly why I’m hungry all the time.  Hey, if I get an excuse to be hungry and eat my lil heart out, I’ll take it!

Total weight gain:  As of my 16 week appointment I’m up 7 lbs in total.

Maternity clothes:  It finally happened.  I’ve been living in dresses and longing for the day I can put on a pair of jean shorts and tank top again.  At the urging of my mom we made our way over to Destination Maternity where I got a slew of maternity clothes, including these babies…

June 2013 080

I’m in love!  I think all pants should have a stretchy panel in them.  I’d like to say I’ll be living in these right after giving birth however it will be December and I HOPE, for the love of god, I’m back in normal shorts by spring/summer.  But if I’m not I won’t be complaining after large meals ;-)!

Sleep:  Sleep has been great aside from the discomfort I face while changing positions.  I’m getting close to purchasing a body pillow and having a hard time deciding between the little crescent shaped one or the giant body pillow that’s bigger than me.  For now I’m making due stuffing extra comforter under my hips while I sleep.

Best moment of the week: It’s been a CRAZY past two weeks with lots to talk about.  The biggest moment happened a week ago from Wednesday when the sellers of the original house came back to us saying they still wanted to sell it.  I suppose the threat of a lawsuit from both brokerage firms freaked them out.  We were floored!  We did not think this would happen at all.  Someone we managed to pull of a close the very next day right before driving up to NY thanks to our amazing mortgage lender in Massachusetts.  We left Georgia as homeowners!


It made our trip up north so much more enjoyable knowing that the home was all taken care of.

Once up north in NY we got to see a ton of family/friends including a 50th Wedding Anniversary party of JP’s side.

June 2013 031 June 2013 029

We also headed up to New England where we saw more family and friends including baby Teddy:

June 2013 046

And JP’s other  family:

June 2013 072

This was of course my favorite picture of the entire weekend.  How adorable is Rishi??  Between Teddy and Rishi being so well behaved I’m hopeful we’re not making the wrong decision with this baby thing!  We also got to see a bunch of family/cousins who we don’t get to see often enough anymore.  Even the few hours spent with each made the trip worthwhile.

JP and I also swung by our favorite spot in Brighton where we walked Remy every single day.  I miss Chandler Pond so much.

June 2013 069

June 2013 071

While we were up in Boston Remy was hanging out at her Grandparents’ house on Long Island.  Life is tough for this puppy.

June 2013 038

Food cravings:  No unusual cravings, although I did get to indulge in my two favorite NY meals.


June 2013 019

And bagels (no lox, but eggs were a decent substitute)

June 2013 040

And some BBQ up in Mass

June 2013 048

Food aversions:  I’m eating just about anything these days!

Symptoms:  Week 17 was full of stress which is why I think I was beyond exhausted.  Other than that, I’m feeling great aside from having to pee every 5 minutes.

Movement:  I THINK I felt him move on our car ride up to NY as well as a few times since then.  I hear it’s hard to tell for first time moms though.  Hopefully I’ll feel some more movement over the next week!

Gender:  Boy, as we both had suspected over the past month or so.  And we couldn’t be happier!

Exercise: Workouts have been good despite traveling!  I managed to squeeze in some gym workouts, as well as a jog/walk this morning.  I don’t feel uncomfortable running just yet, however this kid is sitting right on my bladder.  Everytime I bounce up an down it feels like I have to pee.  I can’t imagine how I’ll feel as he gets bigger and bigger!

What I’m looking forward to:  Setting up our nursery!  We won’t be moving into our home until mid August, however we picked out nursery furniture today (exciting!!).

What I miss:  Running and not having to pee every 5 seconds, wearing real pants and not fat person “I’m going to eat at a buffet” pants, and sleeping comfortably on my tummy (I have a feeling this one will be on here every week).

Next appt:  Monday July 15th!  We have our 20 week anatomy scan and I have my routine OB checkup.

Tomorrow it’s back to work, back to reality.  I’m looking forward to getting in a routine again though.  I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 4th of July!

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5 Responses to 17 &18 Weeks and It’s A…

  1. jaxhubbard says:

    A BOY!!!!!! :))) And a new home!!! Congratulations!!!!

  2. Dena says:

    Yay a boy! So excited for you guys! xoxo

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