15 Weeks

How far along:  15 weeks

iphone photos June 2013 019

Me sucking in…pathetic.

iphone photos June 2013 017

How big is baby:  This week our little nugget is the size of a navel orange, and lord knows I’ve been eating enough of them.  It’s 4 inches long and it’s legs are starting to grow longer than its arms.  Between JP and me I’m scared this kid’s legs aren’t going to stop growing.

Total weight gain:  I don’t weigh myself at all so I guess this will have to wait until doctor’s appointments.

Maternity clothes:  Still no maternity clothes!  If I were at this stage of my pregnancy anytime but the summer I think this would be an entirely different scenario.  The thought of putting on jeans when its humid and 80+ degrees everyday makes me sweat just thinking about it.  Most of my sundresses still fit me with the exception of a few (and that has more to do with my boobs that have doubled in size overnight than my stomach)!

Sleep:  I’m still sleeping like a baby although laying on my stomach is getting a bit uncomfortable.  For any of you moms out there, did you worry about laying on your stomach into your 2nd trimester?  I’ve read that as long as it’s not uncomfortable you’re fine.  I still feel like I’m squishing the little peanut.

Best moment of the week:  This one’s easy!  Pool time :-).  JP and I got out there early before our pool turned into spring break Cancun yesterday.  Although some douchey “bros” were already there staking out their corner.

iphone photos June 2013 031

And some Red Wedding.  I know a lot of people were horrified with last week’s Game of Thrones, but I think episodes like this are why the show is so damn amazing.  At least my Khaleesi is still kicking ass.

iphone photos June 2013 032

Food cravings:  Ya know how take-out Chinese food always seems like a good idea in theory?   And I will fully admit it hit the spot on a rainy Friday night.  The leftovers Saturday afternoon, however, did not.  Chinese food, you will be on hold for a little bit.  Pizza, I still love you.

Red meat still.  I made some steaks for JP and me with my Greek quinoa salad and sauteed spinach one night.  And yes, Cholula is absolutely necessary at all times.

iphone photos June 2013 007

An amazing Costco purchase.  For $4 it was a steal.  And although they’re not as good as Vlassic, Wickles, or the Trader Joe’s kosher dills, these might just last me 2 weeks!

iphone photos June 2013 013

And a bit of reverting back to childhood.  Manasi and I used to make fun of Victoria (my college bfs) for her crazy love of the grilled cheese sandwich.  Specifically, cheddah on sourdough.  If it was on a menu, that girl ordered it.  I fully admit now, we were missing out.  This might be the 2nd highlight of my week.  And Hand In Hand in Virginia Highland delivered spot on.

iphone photos June 2013 033

And why not throw in one more thing I’ve been enjoying, which are smoothies!  Here’s a delicious mango/banana protein smoothie inspired by my coworker Lindsey.  Seeing her drink one every morning took its toll.  One for me, one for the man.

iphone photos June 2013 028

Food aversions:  There’s not much I won’t eat these days.  It feels good to be back!

Symptoms:  This week’s only pregnancy symptom was the crazy cramping I experienced on Friday.  I could feel them very subtly throughout the morning, went out for a solo lunchtime walk since my walking buddy was on vacay, and by the time I was 2 miles away just about to turn around they got so intense I thought I was going to throw up.  It was actually kind of scary.  I turned around earlier than usual and walked back to work so slowly to try and calm myself down.  I took a ton of breaks and by the time I got back to work I was feeling much much better.

I ended up emailing the Nurse in my practice about this and she said as long as there was no blood and I was able to make myself feel better then there’s no reason for concern.  She said it was probably my uterus stretching and the “punkin” sitting someplace uncomfortable.  I think the punkin was sitting on my right ovary for god’s sake!  Thankfully it swam off somewhere else by Saturday morning.  I guess I should start getting used to discomfort though!

Movement:  Still nothing but getting super excited to feel those first flutters.  They typically happen anywhere from 16-22 weeks.  Almost there!

Gender:  I’m still thinking boy.  My mother asked me over the phone the other day if I had gained weight in my ass.  I said no to which she immedately replied “boy!” Haha, she cracks me up.  First off, I never gain weight in my butt.  I’ll just gain it everywhere else lol.  Once again, I’m sure this will change fast!

Exercise: I had to take a big step back this week thanks to a tweeked lower back muscle.  The only workouts I did were walks so that it could heal properly.  And I’m happy to say that I feel 100% better and resting was a smart move.  I’ve pulled back muscles before and if you don’t give it proper rest it will only get worse.  And being pregnant and having a pulled back muscle sounds like hell on earth so I didn’t take this injury lightly despite it being a small one.

My favorite post-workout cool down will always be wakling this girl though <3! She’s kind of perfect!

iphone photos June 2013 026

What I’m looking forward to:  Closing on our home this Friday hopefully!  It has already been pushed back a week, but tomorrow I do a walk-through and Friday is the closing.  We’re hoping all goes well.

What I miss:  This week’s hiatus from most exercising has made my desire for an intense workout grow even more.  And in 2 weeks when I’m in NY I know exactly what I’ll be missing…a bagel with LOX.  Not being able to indulge in my absolute favorite meal ever during pregnancy is just cruel.  Without a doubt, my last meal on earth would be a NY everything bagel (not toasted because you only toast crappy bagels), nova lox, tomato, and raw red onion.  Keep that cream cheese away from me.  And some s&p and ketchup.  I’m being specific incase anyone wants to send me one after I pop out the baby hint hint.

Next appt:  June 17th!

And that’s all for this week.  Time to do some Sunday cooking and relaxing!

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