Having a Baby Part 1

It wasn’t until around my 30th birthday that I decided I’m ready for kids.  It was like a switch flipped overnight and I went from cherishing my freedom and not seeing the big deal to these mini people to wow, I want them now!  Like this second.  It definitely wasn’t this drastic a change with JP.  I don’t think men have that built-in biological yearning for babies like women do though.  But perhaps I’m wrong.  We did agree that we would try whenever he finished up his PhD though.  And since that was within a year I figured now’s the time to go off of birth control.

My decision to go off of the pill after 11 years of being on it, aside from my mother’s irrational fear that it would make me sterile, was that I just knew something wasn’t right.  I knew it.  And I’ve learned over the past year to really trust my instincts when it comes to my body.  Sure enough months passed by and no period.  I visited my OBGYN who gave me a medicine called Provera to induce a cycle in hopes that it would jump start the real thing.  That didn’t work.  I started wondering if my intense workouts had anything to do with it so I cut out all running, plyometrics, P90x…it was awful.  I love fitness but I wanted a baby more.

During this time I also started seeing an acupuncturist.  I had time on my side since it was only spring and we wouldn’t be ready to start trying for a baby until fall at the earliest.  After seeing him just 4-5 times and drinking an herbal tea (along with following some other recommendations of his such as giving up caffeine) I got a period!  I had no clue if it was the toned down exercise or the acupuncturist, but something worked.  JP, ever the scientist, argued I did not have a good controlled study :-P.  My next period wouldn’t come until 2 months later, but I was still excited it was back.

Around my 2nd period we moved to Atlanta.  I was taking an initial pay cut for my new job and couldn’t justify the cost of acupuncture/herbal medicine.  I still believe if I stuck with this route I would have gotten pregnant on my own.  At least I’d like to believe this.  But we both decided after getting settled in to seek more traditional Western medicine help that was covered by insurance.

I got a new OBGYN, had a battery of blood tests, an ultrasound, and was assigned to a specific doctor in my practice.  He specializes in fertility issues and told me I have Polycystic Ovaries.  While I didn’t have some of the normal symptoms (unusual hair growth, weight gain) I was lacking a period (it never came back again) and had a large number of follicles growing on my ovaries.  Essentially the eggs were there and very healthy, but they weren’t getting the signal to release.  Well, no shit!

I can’t say enough amazing things about my doctor.  His goal was to make treatment affordable and easy for me and to avoid the help of a reproductive specialist.  He told me in January right before beginning basic fertility treatments that he would have me in for OB appointments by the summer.  His optimism was exactly what I needed to hear.  He didn’t think I would be a difficult case at all.  I was young, my body was healthy, and I was a perfect candidate for Clomid (a medicine that makes you ovulate).

And beginning in January we got started!

To be continued because I’m tired of writing and if you’ve actually stuck with this then you’re probably tired of reading…

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