14 Weeks

Long time, no post!  A lot has happend over the past few months…

I had the strong urge to start this blog up again since I’m currently pregnant!  I’m now officially in my 2nd trimester and it hit me that I haven’t written one thing down about this pregnancy yet.  It made me sad to think I’d have nothing to look back on during this journey.  And since we live so far from most of our family and friends, I figured this would be the perfect way to keep everyone in the loop.

I do plan on going back and giving more background details but for now here’s my week 14 update!

iphone photos May 2013 052

How far along:  14 weeks and officially in the 2nd trimester

How big is baby:  Our baby is the lize of a lemon and a little over 3 inches long

Total weight gain:  I’m going to say approximately 2 lbs.  I actually lost 3 lbs early in the 1st trimester due to my finicky eating and crazy food aversions.  But then I discovered that bread and pasta were my best friend and gained back the 3 lbs along with an additional 2.  So let’s say 2 lbs ;-).

Maternity clothes:  I have not bought one single maternity item yet.  That is not to say my clothes fit me though.  Anything with a button is being rubberbanded and I’ve been living in dresses.   I’m so excited to get into maternity clothes but I’m still too small for them, yet too big for my normal clothes.  Oh the in between stage…

Sleep:  My head hits the pillow and I’m dead to the world until a few hours later when I have to pee.  And then I’m right back asleep until my alarm (or puppy alarm on the weekend) goes off.  I have to pee all the time.  Anyone who knows me knows that I pee all the time anyway, but it’s been taken to a new level during pregnancy.   If I don’t go the second before I leave for a jog I will be suffering.

Best moment of the week:  Going to Summerfest in Virgina Highlands with JP.  This will definitely be a festival we’ll be coming back into town for next year after we’ve moved OTP (Outside The Perimeter).  But next time we’ll have the baby jogger along for the ride.

Food cravings:  My cravings over the the 1st tri have been consistently red meat, pizza, anything SPICY, oranges and the juicier fruit the better, and pickles.  Lots of pickles!  I’m a complete sterotype.  The red meat cravings were a surprise to me though.  I haven’t eaten meat in 2 years and around 7 weeks the urge for steak was so strong I knew I had to give in.  I’ll probably go back to my normal eats after giving birth, but for now I’m listening to what my body wants and enjoying every bite.

Food aversions:  I’m finally getting over these but for the past 2 months I have barely been able to eat cooked vegetables (cold salads are ok), avocados (my beloved avocados), Mexican food, oatmeal and hummus.  Essentially all my favorite foods and staples in my diet became utterly disgusting and gag worthy.  I survived on a lot of soup, toast, cold yogurt, and pasta.  I’m FINALLY cooking veggies again and even had a sweet potato the other night.  The thought of sweet potato a few weeks ago nearly had me running to the bathroom, but it’s back.  The only foods I’m still iffy on are avocados and Mexican.

Symptoms:  I’m feeling pretty symptom free now.  Nausea and exhaustion are starting to go away.  I do get pretty bad pregnancy headaches from time to time and lower abdomen cramping, but nothing too intense to cause worry.  Probably just the uterus stretching out and doing it’s thang.

Movement:  None yet and judging by our last ultrasound, this kid is as chill and relaxed as its daddy.  The ultrasound tech was using the wand to shake my stomach and all we could see was utter annoyance that it was being wakened from its slumber.  Defintely its father’s kid!

iphone photos May 2013 686

Gender:  Originally I was thinking girl but after our last ultrasound I’m feeling very strongly that it’s a boy.  I know my sister Robin refuses to accept that it won’t be a boy haha.  And I’m sure Remy, our pup, is hoping she remains the only Princess in the house.   But if it is a girl I know we’ll make room for more girlyness.

Exercise: Thankfully my workouts have been awesome.  I try and average 5 times a week and have been taking a ton of walks with my coworker Ashleigh during the day.  I know she thanks me for getting her motivated about working out, but it has honestly been such a blessing for me.  Having those walks makes me want to get to the gym even more to do weights and the occasional jogging.

What I’m looking forward to:  Feeling the baby move, finding out the gender, and seeing a ton of family and friends in a few weeks when we visitin NY and Boston (and CT and RI)!

What I miss:  Wine, wine, and wine.  Yup, I miss a cold glass of Reisling on a Friday afternoon like it’s nobody’s business.  I also miss intense workouts.  Having run marathons, done P90x, and being into fitness since I was a teenager it’s been a big adjustment for me.  I didn’t just give all of this up because I was pregnant, but I’ll go into more details on this in another post.

Next appt:  June 17th!

And for some comparison, here I was Easter weekend at my in-laws before a beach jog  around 5 or 6 weeks:

iphone photos May 2013 674

And here I was at 12.5 weeks:

iphone photos May 2013 694

Nothing crazy noticeable except to me and my skinny jeans.  But it’s totally worth it! 🙂

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2 Responses to 14 Weeks

  1. Melissa says:

    I totally expect you to rock the short-shorts throughout the pregnancy! I’m loving your tiny little nugget already!

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