On The Road Part 2

After a long and physically exhausting day all you want is a good night’s sleep if a comfy bed.  Too bad our’s was to be spent on an air mattress with a 4am wakeup.  We wanted to be on the road by 6am, but still needed to walk and feed Remy, pack up last minute things, and drop off our keys at the management office.

At 5:58 am we were pulling out of Brighton and officially on our way!

JP was driving the truck and I was in the car with Remy.  It sucked that we couldn’t ride together, but that also meant that I got to listen to whatever I wanted to whether it be on Sirius or podcasts.  Has anyone ever listened to Dr. Laura?

I’m embarrassed to say that I spent HOURS enthralled.  Still embarrassed.

Our drive started out a little rough when it started to rain and often downpour through Massachusetts and Connecticut.  The rain combined with rush hour resulted in a lot of traffic around Hartford.  Otherwise it wasn’t so bad.  Oh yeah, there was that leak in the cab of the truck which resulted in JP getting drenched every time it rained hehe.  Then I was really glad I wasn’t in the truck with him!

After crossing through New York and New Jersey we arrived in Pennsylvania and breaked for lunch.  Not too shabby for a truck stop.

By this point in the day the weather had cleared and we picniced outside.  I was very grateful that I decided to pack us sandwiches since anything beats rest stop fast food.

We proceeded to cross through Maryland, West Virginia, and then finally our last state of the day…Virginia.  But Virginia’s big.  Bigger than I thought it was.  And it felt like forever until we arrived in Salem right outside of Roanoke.  We arrived at our final destination of the day at 7pm, cranky and stiff.  And for those who know me, it wasn’t just me that was cranky.  We were BOTH definitely cranky!  One might argue JP was crankier ;-).

Life is awesome at the La Quinta?  I’d question that fact, but what is awesome is that they allow dogs!  And Remy made herself right at home!

We picked up some dinner nearby and literally CRASHED.  When that alarm on my phone went off at 5am I wanted to cry.  At least the second day of driving would be cut in half.  After 12-13 hours in a car the first day I was not excited to get back in, but at least we were almost there.

We fueled up and were off.

We breaked briefly for lunch, this time eating sandwiches on a curb outside a McDonald’s parking lot.  Having a dog definitely limits you, but it sure beats eating while driving and it was nice to stretch our legs.

Our second day’s drive took us from Virginia to North Carolina, South Carolina, and eventually Georgia!

We pulled into Atlanta sometime around 2/3pm giddy to finally be here!!  We grabbed our keys from the leasing office, Remy was declared the pet of the month (she’s kind of special), and Hurrican Isaac was no where in sight.

Unfortunately what we were greeted with was a car height restriction on the parking deck.  The parking deck that was 10 feet from our door.  The parking deck that would make unloading the truck with zero help a breeze.

JP and I looked at that overhang and both shed a tear.

Our move-in would now become infinately harder.  If we stopped to think about it we would’ve just cried, so we pulled up the truck to a spot on the curb that wouldn’t require climbing stairs and started to unload our stuff over 20 time further a distance than it would’ve been if we could’ve gotten the truck onto the parking deck.  Not exaggerating.

God bless that hand truck!

Remy wasn’t a fan of move in.

She was barricaded into the second bedroom during the 4 hours it took us to unload everything.  I’d say she cried for a solid 2 of those hours.

I made sure to give her kisses everytime I came in with more boxes.

By 7pm all that was left on the truck was the sofa, but since there was no room for it we would move that in the next morning.

There were only two things we wanted at this point: a shower and dinner.  After a scavenger hunt to find our shower curtain, we both quickly showered and ordered in from Mediterranean Grill in Decatur.  They delivered and delivered fast!  The food was just ok, but honestly I would’ve eaten anything that wasn’t a peanut butter sandwich at this point.

The next two days were a blur.  We unpacked, ran errands, and did our best to make our apartment livable quickly.  I tend to drag these things out, but JP is a no nonsense unpacker and by the weekend we were in good shape.  Good enough shape for JP to ok the pool for a quick dip!

I’ll give a full tour of the apartment since it’s already just about set up aside from hanging pictures, but here’s a sneak peak of our bedroom and new furniture.

Someone’s made herself right at home! 🙂

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5 Responses to On The Road Part 2

  1. robin says:

    oh my god, REM is the STAR of this blog! HAHAHA! Look at the QUEEEN on her bed!! Love it and love you!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hah! I agree with Robin! Remy is so cute. I cannot believe y’all drove that far in only 2 days! You’re not kidding- Virginia is HUGE. So is Georgia!

  3. Jessica says:

    Hey…decided to check your blog again and you’re here! Glad y’all made it safely and let me know if you ever want to get together since we’re so close! Email is jvakili1@gmail.com

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