On The Road Part 1

Today is me and my husband’s 3 year wedding anniversary.  Where in the world does the time go??  And why can’t we be looking forward to our honeymoon in Greece like we were back then?  What I would give to go back…

Enough daydreaming ::sigh::

Now that we’re over a week removed from the actual move it’s finally time to talk about it.  While the drive took us about 2 days, the actual “move” itself took much longer.  We started packing, donating clothes, and selling things on craigslist/ebay weeks and weeks in advance.  So when the big day finally came to start loading up the truck, it was almost a relief to get the show on the road.

Here’s a shot of what our guest room looked like that morning.

And someone else who was NOT happy about all of the change

I think Remy is just now readjusting and back to her normal, happy self.  The past month was really hard on her.  Everytime a box was pulled out she got very anxious.  I dread our next move and the affect it has on her.

My coworker (or shall I say ex-coworker) lived around the corner from us in Boston and allowed us to leave Remy at his house while we loaded up the truck.  I think we ALL appreciated this.  We got to load up the truck without a furry friend in the way and she got to play with his neices and neighbors’ kids.  Win win 🙂

The empty truck.

For scale

JP and I enlisted some friends’ help, but unfortunaty it was a Monday and everyone had work.  They would all come afterward, but that left the two of us to load our entire apartment.  We had considered hiring movers, but they are wicked expensive and felt we were physically up to it.  Might as well enjoy our strength and youth now because I sure as hell ain’t moving us once we have kids!

Upon moving our first piece of furniture this happened…

Not a good first sign, but that was really the worst of it.  After this we fell into a moving groove.

And before you knew it, our truck looked like this.

And our apartment like this

JP’s schoolmate/friend arrived in time to help with the last of the boxes, which was amazing since we were not working with the same enthusiasm as the hours passed.  Our other closest friends came by just in time for pizza and beer.  They may not have lifted any boxes, but it was great spending our last night with them, even for a couple of hours.

The decision to leave Boston wasn’t an easy one.  We are leaving behind some amazing friends and family, but this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up for many reasons.  I still hope that we made the right choice, but I have a good feeling about Atlanta.

I’ll miss you Boston.

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One Response to On The Road Part 1

  1. Excited for you on this new adventure but I definitely understand the feeling of leaving friends behind. It is really hard, but hopefully it will turn out to be worth it! Plus, now you have more excuses for girl’s trips on the long weekends! 🙂

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