My Husband the Doctor

Greetings from Atlanta!  After nearly 20 hours of driving and lots of heavy lifting we made it and are still married.  I consider this a huge accomplishment.  I can’t wait to write all about the move and our new apartment, but amidst the choas of the past few weeks I havnen’t had a chance to talk about a huge day in my husband’s life…his thesis defense!

The celebrations started the night before when it was time to give the soon to be doctor his gifts.

We agreed if the next day didn’t go so well that we would take the gifts back.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

JP’s parents got him an ipad!  Pretty sweet.  I can’t wait to use it ;-).

I got him crystal scotch glasses and a bottle of Macallan.  This bottle would prove to come in handly after 4 hours of unloading a truck upon our arrival.   It was tucked away in a box labeled “booze” that we made sure to set aside.  We wouldn’t know where our plates were for a couple of days, but we sure as hell knew where the Scotch was!

Back to the defense.  JP went in early to get set up and I headed downtown a little later with my in-laws who were up visiting for the big day from South Carolina.

The presentation began with a nice intro by JP’s boss Tom.

Then it was JP’s turn to present what he’s been working on for the past several years.

JP did an amazing job and we were all so proud of him!  After his presentation came the usual photo taking.

JP was then whisked off to meet with his committee so I took my in-laws around Boston to kill some time until lunch.  Since it was a gorgeous, picture perfect day out we decided to spend the time in the Boston Commons taking in the fresh air.

I sure will miss this town.

After JP’s meeting wrapped it was time for some celebratory drinks and lunch at Jacob Wirth’s.

Some Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp.  Yummy!

We sat and chatted for several hours, recounting our favorite parts of the presentation.  For us laymen we agreed it was the powerpoint animation and the Remy slide with pictures of our puppy.  Naturally!

After lunch it was back to Tufts for the reception.

The spread

My contribution were the Slutty Brownies!  My friend Bridget made them for our farewell bbq the weekend prior and I’ve seen them floating all around the blogosphere.  I just knew that I had to make them myself.  Decadent!

That’s one layer cookie dough, one layer double stuffed Oreo (b/c is there any other way to have an Oreo if it’s not double stuffed?), and one layer brownie.  So easy and an instant crowd pleaser.  Make them.  Just do it.

Anyway, enough food porn.  Back to the celebrations.

JP with some of his lab friends.

My mom made it up from NY in time for the reception!

And we ended the night at Rockbottom for more drinks!  My Uncle also joined in on the festivities!

It was a great way to spend one of our last few days in Boston.

I’m proud beyond words of my husband and know he’ll do an amazing job at his post doc down here at Emory!

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2 Responses to My Husband the Doctor

  1. Congratulations to your husband!! Those brownies do look amazing, and no- there is no other way to eat oreos than double stuffed! Love your dress and your cute red wedges!

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