The Elusive Clover

JP and I have a list of a few things we want to do before we leave Boston.  Who knows if they’ll all get done, but there was one I was not letting go of…Clover.  This food truck serves up local, fresh, vegetarian food and are known for their chickpea fritters and fresh rosemary fries made in olive oil.  Sounds good to me!

JP works downtown and has had the opportunity to try their food, so now I was on a mission!  We knew the food truck would be in Cleveland Circle on Friday evenings.  With the threat of rain, we decided to try anyway.  We leashed up Remy, got in the car, and drove to Cleveland Circle.  As I was parallel parking I could already taste the chickpea fritter, so you can imagine our shock when the food truck wasn’t there.  JP checked his phone and turns out they JUST ended their Cleveland Circle location.  I was about 2 seconds away from suggesting Chipotle (but when am I ever not 2 seconds away from suggesting Chipotle) when JP said they would be at the BU Bridge.

So we were on our way, driving down Beacon St. when…

JP: The BU Bridge truck is getting repairs done.  We’re going to Longwood.

Supposedly their Longwood medical area truck would be there until 8.  There was no turning back.

We weren’t sure what we’d find when we got there, if anything, but there she was…

Tucked away among the fancy research buildings.

There is absolutely no parking in this area so we just pulled up on the side of the road and figured if we watch our car nothing bad can happen.

The menu didn’t have many options, but that’s ok.  I knew what I wanted.

Chickpea fritter sandwich, fries to split, and a surf and turf salad.  Unfortunately we were a little too late for the lavender lemonade.  All out :-(.

Happy owners = happy puppy!

We hopped back in the car to drive home with our mission accomplished.

And then Remy got to enjoy what she really loves…sticks!

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